Ogunleye: "You Have To Stay Patient"

Chicago Bears DE Ogunleye Adewale shared his thoughts with the media about Peyton Manning, Brian Urlacher and more...

(on Colts QB Peyton Manning's preparation)
"He is the ultimate professional. The guy watches tons of film. You can tell by the fact that he gets his offense in the right play on every play. If he makes a mistake, you can really see how angry he gets at himself. He knows his offense very well, and he knows the opposing defenses well. He knows where to drop, he knows where he needs to land on passing downs, and makes it hard for defensive linemen to get him because he knows exactly where we are going to be." 

(on Peyton Manning's gyrations at the line of scrimmage)
"You have to stay patient. You can't ignore him. You don't want him to lull you to sleep, because he gets to the line with 20 seconds on the play clock, but he is not snapping the ball until about two seconds are left on the play clock. You have to be careful that he is not lulling you to sleep, because he might try to quick-count you. You've got to be ready, but you don't want to be antsy and jump offsides. We have to stay patient because he is trying to find out what defense we're running in case he needs to change his team's offensive play. We have to play fast and get after him because he is such a pinpoint passer. If we don't get anyone in his face, he will pick us apart. "

(on how long it takes in a game to pick up on some of Manning's pre-snap gestures)
"You never really…I don't think you do. And when he's done playing football he'll give his little secrets away of what he was really doing because nobody really knows what he's doing, whether he's changing the play or just playing around with the defense. I think a little bit of both. He really studies defenses. So for me and the rest of the defense, we just have to play our game and not worry about what he's doing." 

(on whether he can compare Peyton Manning's play to any other QB)
"Hard to because when I want to pick a quarterback he'd probably be my first guy. Him and Tom Brady, just because of the way Tom is always a winner. It's hard to compare him to anyone right now. I just think he's head and shoulders above anybody else."

(on whether this week would be more interesting if they were facing a more prolific opponent)
"Have you seen the Colts offense? They're pretty explosive. No, actually, it's not like we don't dislike the Colts, but this is the Super Bowl. We're both really good teams. And when you watch them on film, and when you watch Peyton Manning and how he runs that offense, it becomes a little scary, just speaking from the defensive side of the ball. I really think its going to be a very exciting game. You have a really good offense going up against a really good defense. I'm happy that we're here to play, and I know that we're going to show up." 

MLB Brian Urlacher (Getty Images/Jonathan Daniel)
 (on Chicago's defensive game plan)
"I feel very confident. I feel we have had two weeks to put in the game plan. We had a great practice on Wednesday, and plan to have another great practice today (Thursday). We have had some time to get some things fine tuned, and we've had two weeks to look at Peyton Manning in order to figure out what he is going to do to us." 

(on watching Brian Urlacher play)
"When you play with him, you feel a little better about your chances. You know that two seconds ago, he was right behind you. You look back, and he is 60 yards down the field. He has a lot of speed, and he is able to go sideline-to-sideline amazingly fast. To be 6-4, to weigh 260 pounds, and to be able to run like that, is amazing."

(on Urlacher being the team leader)
"He's the face of the franchise. He is a great leader, and he leads by example. On Sunday, I would not want anybody else on my team but him." 

(on Coach Lovie Smith's low-key approach to coaching)
"I think, it's just the way of new era coaches. I think he treats us as men, and we respond to that. Right from the first time I met him, he hasn't changed. He doesn't yell. He doesn't get too high; he doesn't get down too low. I think that just as human beings we just respond to people talking and not yelling."

(on what it would mean to him personally to have a big game in the Super Bowl)
"It would be big for me. Everybody keeps bringing up the fact that the last time the Chicago Bears were in the Super Bowl (Super Bowl XX in New Orleans), a defensive end (Richard Dent) was the MVP of the game. Anything I can do to help us win the game, I am all for it. One thing I plan to do is to stay within the game plan. I'm not going to do anything out of the element. I'm just going to try to do exactly what the coaches say, and I trust that they are going to put me in the best situation to make good plays."

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