June's Confident About Colts Defense

Cato June talked to the media about the Colts' defensive journey this season, the Tampa-2 defense and the key to forcing Rex Grossman to make a mistake...

(on if he had played on special teams this year)
"Not this year. I think those guys (special teams units) will do a great job of handling him (Devin Hester). It will be a great challenge, since one play could change the outcome of the game or the momentum. They know what's at stake and we all know that we have to go out there and get this win collectively in all three phases of the game." 

(on explaining the Tampa-2 defense)
"When you have that type of defense where you have a gap and you are not necessarily stunting or blitzing, everybody is responsible for a gap on the field. If the ball is going to the left, you have to go to your gap, because the ball could go back to any of those gaps. You have to be disciplined and stay true to those gaps because your eyes and your instincts tell you that the ball is going over there away from you, you want to go away with it." 

(on when the Colts struggled against the run, the players tried to go to the ball, instead of the gap)
"A lot of times when you have breakdowns, you wonder why. Who was out of their gap or somebody missed a tackle or an assignment and then you try to do too much. You compensate and try to do someone else's job instead of your job and that's when everything breaks down. You go back and look at the film and say, ‘All you had to do was stay here and make the tackle in the hole right here and simple things like that." 

(on how they handled the difficulties on defense)
"I think we handled it pretty well. We could have started pointing fingers and broke down as a defense, but we stayed together. We kept it in the locker room and, more than anything, everybody looked at themselves and saw what they could correct themselves so that they could help this defense out."

(on implementing Coach Dungy's concept of doing less when struggling)
"Just make sure that everybody knows exactly what they are doing and you are not trying to do too much. You are thinking about what you should do. Should I be in this defense and do I have to make this check? Everybody knows exactly what we are doing and where we are playing. They 
might know what we are in, but it doesn't matter. We have to go out there and stop them. Everybody can play fast and confident."

(on the defensive struggles and how it got better for the Colts at the beginning of the playoffs)
"The intensity (level) was raised and everybody's confidence was high. Whenever you have breakdowns here and there, that might take a shot at our 
confidence and your speed – you are not able to play as fast – and are not as effective. Guys are accountable and responsible for where they are supposed to be and making plays. We are getting a lot of guys to the football, so that creates havoc for the running back." 

(on if they changed anything or if they kept doing the same things better)
"We did the same things we did all of the time, we just started to actually perform and guys were making plays. We have been playing with a lot of energy, playing fast and confident because everybody knows what to do and it's all about going out there and doing it." 

(on if there is a concern that the defensive turnaround might not last)
"Not at all. Any time that you are doing your job, you are doing what you are coached to do and you are playing fast and with confidence, you are not worried about that."

(on if this is as good as the defense has played this season)

(Getty Images/Jonathan Daniel)
"I think we've been playing very well. I think we are getting a lot of guys to the football and I think we can get some more turnovers. I think we are playing at a high level and a level of speed and energy that's been unmatched thus far."

(on how this defense is different than the one he played in at the University of Michigan)
"Our defense is a lot more simple here because you are not doing as much. At the same time, you are doing what you do effectively and that's just what we do here. At Michigan, we probably blitzed a little more and did a lot of different things. We still played a lot of Cover-2, whether that was two blitzes or two man under, but at the same time we do a lot less here and it is simpler. It allows you to know exactly what you are doing, exactly where you are going and they might know exactly what you are going to do and where you are going to be, but that doesn't mean that they will be able to stop it." 

(on how many people were projecting him as a linebacker and a safety)
"I didn't have any linebacker projections until I got that call (when he was drafted). There were a lot of jokes in college, but nothing solid that I knew about." 

(on his reaction on draft selection at linebacker)
"OK, let's go. It had to be. You get the opportunity; you have to take advantage of it." 

(on if the Bears present a specific kind of problem that the Colts have to focus on)
"You always have to focus on everything. They have two backs who are capable of breaking out big plays if you allow them. First thing is that we have to stop the run and then, get them in third-and-long situations so that our defensive line can get pressure and we can sit back and make plays in the passing game." 

(on the chess match between the Colts' Bob Sanders and the Bears' Rex Grossman)
"He (Sanders) won't be hard to find. It will be a situation that he might try to identify where Sanders is at and run opposite, or vice-versa, or right at him. It really doesn't matter, it's no secret what defense we play and how we are going to line up. We are not going to change that. We have to go out there and make sure that we are being more effective in the way we play than they are." 

(on the key to forcing Grossman to make mistakes)
"I think pressure, making him uncomfortable in the pocket, stopping the running game and making them one-dimensional. And then, we can go after him a little bit, get great pressure from our defensive line and make plays in the passing game." 

(on what his thoughts might be the night before the game)
"I just hope my heart doesn't explode. I know my heart is going to be beating fast and I'll be getting a lot of text messages and I'll be very excited. I'm excited now, but I am trying to suppress that energy, stay calm throughout the week, and then on Sunday, just explode."

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