Morris Glad Defense Has Stepped Up

Rob Morris talked to the media about dealing with adversity, the impact of Bob Sanders, fellow linebacker Gary Brackett, Chicago's dangerous running tandem, and more...

(on the players' relationship to Tony Dungy)
"In a lot of aspects, guys emulate Tony. From a professional standpoint, it is kind of ‘follow-the-leader' with him. From a personal standpoint, a lot of guys find inspiration from what he went through with (son) James (Dungy) and in other parts of his life."

(on how he dealt with losing his starting MLB job)
"I liked the team and the organization and I wanted to be here. If you are a real competitor, then you play hard whether it's on kickoff, punt return or whatever. I never understood the guys who if they weren't a starter, they would shut it down." 

(on dealing with adversity)
"I've had a lot of adversity. I had some injuries in college and a real bad knee injury in my rookie year and overcome that. We were 6-10 in my second year, and that was tough. It wasn't anything new for me." 

(on Brackett's size at middle linebacker)
"Size isn't always the most important thing. You have to be quick, gap-sound, technically sound and have fundamentals. Gary has all of that." 

(on turnaround of defensive unit)
"Bob (Sanders) is an important part of our game. He's been referred to as ‘The Eraser', because other guys' mistakes disappear. It's as simple as guys making tackles. We have guys who make tackles and are in the right spots. In this scheme, if you miss a tackle, guys swarm to the ball." 

(on defense getting recognition)
"It's satisfying that we are getting the playoff victories. I am indifferent to the pats on the back. That's not going to do us any good on Sunday. It's nice to become a bigger part and that we are not a liability at this point. Hopefully we can continue that on Sunday." 

(on the Colts' team speed and playing the Super Bowl on natural grass)
"Chicago is playing on natural grass, too, and their defense is predicated on speed, as well. We are similar teams and it's something we will both adjust to since the turf is good, the field is good, so I don't know if the surface will be a big factor." 

(on what winning the AFC Championship Game victory meant to him)

(Getty Images/Jonathan Daniel)
"We took away that you are never out of anything, that's for sure. You play a team as good as New England; they are as good as anybody. When you can come back from an 18-point deficit, it gives you some confidence going into a game like this." 

(on the experience of Super Bowl week)
"It's a business trip for us. All of this stuff is good for everybody else. I had talked to a lot of guys yesterday who were just so excited to get back to practice. A lot of them were saying that they were never this excited to practice. We're taking the attitude to enjoy it, play with it, have fun with it, but this is not our reward. Our reward is after the game." 

(on his mindset on Saturday night)
"It will be no more difficult than the AFC Championship Game. We had to sit around all day for that and you kind of hate doing that. It's part of the deal. I'll just watch some tape, look at my notes and get ready to play." 

(on the Chicago Bears)
"Their offense is flying under the radar for a reason that I don't know. They have two great running backs, a veteran offensive line, good receivers and a quarterback who is fearless when he throws; he's not going to rein himself in." 

(on the Bears' running backs)
"They run the power running plays with both guys. They are going to pound it up in there and you have to be wary of (Thomas) Jones. He'll start one way and pop it off all the way out the back door. You have to be careful of that and it is going to be a tough day for us." 

(on Bears QB Rex Grossman and a comparison to a young Tom Brady)
"The key is to stop the run. I get nervous about comparing anyone to Tom Brady, because there are some pretty big shoes to fill. He is a guy who is not afraid to throw the ball down the field. A guy like him could be dangerous."

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