Sanders Brings Attitude

Colts safety Bob Sanders never worried about proving himself, instead he used his size to his advantage and played with attitude and passion...

(on proving himself to other people)
"I wasn't really worried about proving it to other people, I just wanted to prove it to myself that I could get the job done. My father told me to never give up and to always believe in what you can do an d that you can do anything. That is always something I've believed in."

(on his height)
"Five-eight (slight pause) and a half."

(on staying low)
"I'm already low to the ground so I feel that I have a better advantage over a lot of other guys. If I come aggressive and come fast it helps me out."

(on the 3rd and 4, the last play of the game vs. New England)
"I was actually kind of lurking. I held my disguise, trying to make him think I was in cover-2. I knew they were going to the sticks. I knew they were going to curl a guy to get the first down. He turned and looked right away so I kind of got a jump on it."

(on having less games played than everyone else)
"I feel great. Mentally, it was a struggle for me. It was tough to see the other guys out there and how bad they talked about our defense and being a guy that wants to go out and help it was tough for me."

(on Dungy's nickname for Sanders, The Eraser)
"From what I know and what people have said, some guys will make a mistake in our defense and you really can't pick it out and I kind off of play of that. If a guy goes in the wrong gap and jumps into my gap, then I will jump into their gap because they were in my gap and make the play. So when a guy screws up, I kind of erase it and make a good play."

(Getty Images/John Russell)

(on being the starting point for game planning against the Colts defense)
"There are 11 of us out there trying to make plays. One guy is not going to turn the whole defense around. I think it's about attitude, passion and guys really wanting to get the job done. I think we've done a great job of staying focused at what we need to do and keep a good attitude."

(on the Colts improvement against the run in the postseason)
"It's just attitude, passion, just wanting to get the job done and not having many missed tackles. If you go back and look at the regular season, we had a lot of missed tackles. It wasn't really so much that guys weren't doing their job; guys were in the right position to make plays it was just too many missed tackles. I think this postseason corrected that mistake. The first guy to hit them is bringing them down. "

(on the biggest misconception of the Colts defensive turnaround)
"I think a lot of people think I had a lot to do with it. There are a lot of plays out there to be made and I'm the type of guy who wants to make every play. They kind of feed off of that. They don't want me to be the only guy out there ballin' and making harder plays and making things happen. So I just do my job and if that helps and makes things happen, so be it."

(on any extra motivation going against the Bears defense)
"It makes you really want to play because everyone is looking at them and giving them all of the attention. When you can show up and outplay another strong defense, it makes your team look even better."

(on the Bears running game)
"They definitely have a good offensive line. They have two strong backs and their receivers will come down and crack back and they have done that a lot in the postseason."
We have to make sure we make the plays we need to make. "

(on FB Jason McKie)
"He's definitely a force and I'll be seeing him a lot during the game. I've got to bring my big boy pads like my coach is always saying, keep my shoulders low and try to make plays."

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