Hayden: "I'm Still a Bears Fan"

Second-year defensive back Kelvin Hayden made the play in the fourth quarter of Super Bowl XLI that broke the game open for Indianapolis. Find out what he had to say after the game about his interception return for a touchdown, why it was special to do it against the Bears and much more...

(on the interception for a touchdown)
"Muhsin Muhammad ran a double route and all week we were talking about how they get their big plays on the deep route. They run double routes. I was just glad that I had the fundamentals and I am glad to just make the play. I am blessed that I did not step out of bounds it was a big part of the game and now we are Super Bowl Champs."

(on going against Rex Grossman)
"All week we were saying he was going to make some bad throws. We just have to make the best out of it. It's the Super Bowl and everybody wants to make the best out of their situations and we did that. Bob Sanders came up with a big one [interception] and the defense all around swarmed in and just played fundamental ball."

(on making such a big play against his hometown team)
"It is indescribable I am so glad that I am on the winning end instead of the losing end going back home. I am blessed to have the opportunity and I am happy just to be here."

(on if he is still a Bears fan)
"I am still a Bears fan. Come tomorrow I am back to being a Bears fan. They play in the NFC and I am an AFC team so every weekend I will be cheering for those guys. Every chance I get to go home, I try to get the Monday paper so I can read about those guys and see how many yards Thomas Jones had and what Rex [Grossman] did. I am just a die hard Bears fan. It is just instilled in me. It's bitter sweet but it's a business and I am glad that I am on the winning end. I am happy for everybody in the organization. They have been through so much stuff, especially Tony Dungy."

Kelvin Hayden sprints to the end zone in the fourth quarter (Getty Images/Doug Benc)
(on what Tony Dungy said to keep the team together after giving up a big play early)
"He said that one play will not kill us. We are a great team we have a great offense and the defense stepped up tremendously and we knew that one play was not going to kill us."

(on if it was strange facing his former coach, Bears offensive coordinator Ron Turner)
"Seeing the guy who gave me a scholarship on the opposing end was crazy. Speaking to him, he was happy for the both of us and facing him in the Super Bowl
was just big. We spoke and we both wished each other the best of luck and to enjoy the moment."

(on his interception for a touchdown)
"I was just thinking about getting into the endzone. I'm just blessed that I was able to make the play."

(on living in Chicago during the offseason)
"I'm going to hear a lot of it. I'm glad I'm on the winning end and not the losing end, so it's going to be a good feeling going home."

(on the defense)
"We stepped up the whole postseason, where we just made the plays and the defense buckled down. We couldn't be stopped and we are new world champs"

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