Marsh Will Return to Colts

ColtPower has learned that 2006 undrafted free agent Antwan Marsh has been reinstated by the Colts and added to their 2007 roster.

In one of last year's oddest stories, Pikeville College's Antwan Marsh left training camp just shortly after arriving there.

When ColtPower broke the story on August 4th, the reason for the talented safety's sudden departure was unknown, but according to one NFL source, it appeared that Marsh wasn't sure that he wanted to continue to play football.

If that report was accurate, Marsh's thinking has evidently changed since last summer as the Colts officially reinstated him off the Reserved/Left Camp list on Monday.

In his Colt Scout Insiders feature on Marsh last June, Jerry Langton pointed out that in addition to being a hard-hitting safety, the rookie could also provide depth as a returns specialist.

(Photo: Pikeville College Athletics)
"If you're not impressed with his 20.0-yard average bringing back kicks as a senior, keep in mind that he went 8-427-2 as a junior — that's 53.38 yards a pop and a quarter of them came back for scores," he said. "I can't get those numbers on Madden 2K6. On defense, he's a big hitter with a wide receiver's hands and seems to understand zones well and have the necessary hip swivel to cover deep."

The move couldn't have come at a better time for the Colts. As of right now, they have just three safeties -- Bob Sanders, Antoine Bethea and Matt Giordano -- returning from their Super Bowl roster. Mike Doss is an unrestricted free agent and the team released Dexter Reid.

Marlin Jackson, who filled in at safety when the team had multiple injuries at the position in 2006 will likely be needed as a starter at cornerback in 2007. Nick Harper is an unrestricted free agent and Jason David received a low tender as an unrestricted free agent that would only require a fourth-round draft pick as compensation if the Colts don't match an offer from another team.

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