Colts Q&A With Kicker Shane Andrus

Rookie Shane Andrus was a strong contender to take over the kicking role in Indy last year until the team signed Adam Vinatieri. Now he's back with the Colts and will be heading to NFL Europe. Find out what Andrus has been up to and what he thinks about his new opportunity in this exclusive interview.

Ed Thompson: What have you been doing over the last couple months to stay in shape and pursue your opportunities?

Shane Andrus: Basically I've been working out everyday. The weather hasn't been the best as far as kicking, but I've been running and doing all the stuff that I learned from the Colts during offseason conditioning. I've been doing that stuff everyday and stretching and working on that part of my kicking game. I also got a job, I went back to the mortgage company in February and I worked for UPS as a delivery helper throughout Christmas.

ET: How did you keep your morale and focus up during this time period?

SA: It's been hard, but it's just part of the NFL. I know I'm not the only one going through this. I have a couple friends that I've talked to that have gone through the same circumstances I have. You just have to stay focused and keep positive. I'm still young, I know I can make it and there are a lot of opportunities out there. You just have to make the best of it when it counts.

ET: You've got some inquiries from the Giants right?

SA: Yeah, they called my agent. I switched agents over the break as well, but they called him a few weeks ago and said they were interested in me.

ET: When did you got the call from the Colts and what they had to say to you?

SA: Actually (Chris) Polian talked to me during the Colts season, probably Week 4 or 5. He said they wanted to sign me and send me to NFL Europe to give me some experience over there. So I've been back and forth with them about that. Then they actually called during the last week against the Dolphins. I was going to kick that game since Adam was hurt a little bit, but he bounced back in time so they didn't need to bring me back at that point. Other than that, I guess they have a little faith in me, so they called my agent back and said they want to send me to NFL Europe.

ET: You're being sent as an allocated player by Indianapolis, so how does the process work from here?

SA: I'm going to fly to Tampa on March 11th. The kickers don't get drafted, they do a kicking workout for three days and pretty much every special teams coach in the NFL will be there evaluating, which will help me gain some exposure to other clubs. I go there for three days and then they pick the kickers for six teams, and from there we stay in Tampa for two to three weeks before heading to whatever team we're assigned to.

ET: Have you talked to anyone who has played in NFL Europe to find out what that experience is like?

SA: My agent had a punter and a kicker go last year. From everyone I've talked to they say it's a great experience. Obviously to live in Europe is great and to do something you like to do.

ET: Have you had any conversations with Adam Vinatieri?

SA: No, I haven't talked to him much at all, but I look forward to being in camp with him again.

ET: This really is a great opportunity to showcase your skills, isn't it?

SA: Yeah, that's the whole concept. The Colts have the best kicker in the league, so obviously I want to do the best I can to compete, but obviously this gets my name out even more. I kicked in a few preseason games last year, but obviously there's more they want to see. Going over there and kicking in ten games would allow other teams to have that game film of me in case things don't work out with the Colts. And if I'm successful over there, it should boost up my odds of landing a job in the NFL.

ET: Anything else I can share with the fans right now?

SA: It's great to sign with a team that has Super Bowl-caliber players. And it's a great team as far as fan support goes, so I'm looking forward to being in Indianapolis again this year.

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