Colts Blog: March 12, 2007

Indy signs two, may lose a star to the Giants and are said to be looking at a potential replacement for Rhodes

The Colts brought back a pair of somewhat familiar faces this week — Mike Labinjo and Antwan Marsh.

If you don't remember them, don't be too surprised, neither made much of an impact the last time around. Labinjo is a huge (sometimes up around 260 pounds) and fast (once unofficially at 4.56) inside linebacker prospect. He's still considered a prospect despite being in the NFL since 2004 because he hasn't really learned how to play linebacker very well. Unless he shows more than he did in his 2005 audition with Indianapolis, Labinjo's best chance of making the team is as a special teamer.

Marsh is even more intriguing. A star in NAIA action at tiny (about 1000 students) Pikeville College in Kentucky, Marsh wasn't drafted but was greatly sought-after afterwards. While many in the Colts community were excited about the 6'2, 216-pound free safety/wide receiver with 4.49 speed and outstanding return ability, they were ultimately disappointed as Pike decided not to pursue an NFL career. Apparently, he's changed his mind again and is back on the Colts' roster.

While he does present very attractive potential, you kind of have to wonder about how dedicated he is to the game and how an athlete of his rare caliber ended up at Pikeville in the first place.

If he shows he has the toughness to hang around this time, look for the Colts to give him a shot as a return man and then, perhaps, a few reps on defense.

• Paul Schwartz of the intermittently reliable New York Post reports that the Giants have contacted Cato June's agent, but the team hasn't arranged a visit for him yet. It makes sense, the Giants have a marked, if not quite crying, need for an OLB. They are also have a lot more room under the cap than Indy does. June is not just a talented player, but also the kind of passionate team leader the Giants have been lacking. I'd really hate to see him leave Indianapolis, but I also can't see why teams like the Giants wouldn't make it very tough to keep him.

• Internet wags are reporting that Titans free-agent running back Chris Brown is trying to get in contact with the Colts. Outwardly, it makes some sense. Brown is a big, heavy-duty inside runner (and the Colts need one) with experience both as a feature back and as a reserve and a 1,000-yard season under his belt. That aside, I'm not sure how Brown — who is a mediocre receiver and not a very good or dedicated blocker — fits in the Colts' offense. Besides, he'd command a pretty good paycheck for a No. 2 and the Colts don't have much cap room to spare.

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