Langton Named Editor-In-Chief at ColtPower

ColtPower takes another significant step forward today with the promotion of sportswriter Jerry Langton to Editor-In-Chief. Langton will now be responsible for the daily delivery of high quality content to Colts fans and our ColtPower Insiders.

As the publisher and owner of, I'm proud to announce that Jerry Langton has accepted the position of Editor-In-Chief.

What's this mean to you? Well, it means you're going to get to enjoy more news, features and analysis from the man that I've always considered to be the most talented writer at ColtPower. Jerry will now be responsible for the coordination and daily delivery of high quality content to Colts fans and our ColtPower Insiders.

Jerry's increased role will also benefit all of our fans and Insiders by freeing me up to be more visible in our's NFL home page.

Jerry Langton has been an avid Colts fan since the glory days of Bert Jones and Roger Carr. And he's been a professional writer nearly as long.

Starting as a freelance movie and concern reviewer for his hometown daily, The Hamilton Spectator, while still in college, Langton has been writing professionally for almost two decades.

Moves to Toronto and New York City have led him to write, edit and design for a number of publications, including The Daily News of New York; The Star-Ledger of Newark, New Jersey; The Journal-News of Westchester, New York; The Toronto Star; The Globe & Mail, Canada's national newspaper, Maclean's, Canada's national newsweekly, and many others.

Langton returned to Canada in 2003 to spend more time with his children. Since then, he has written and edited for a number of publications and written three books — Fallen Angel, Rat and Iced. Fallen Angel was among the best-selling Canadian books of 2006, and Rat is scheduled to be released in the U.S. this June.

A contributor to ColtPower since its inception, Langton follows the Colts year-round, and has exceptional draft and personnel analysis insight.

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