Colts Blog: April 12, 2007

The Colts sent three prospects overseas for the summer, only two look like they'll be playing there.

Think NFL Europa is a free ride? Try telling that to Mike McGann, the Colts quarterback prospect who was just cut by Hamburg. Now he has to come back and explain why he's good enough for the NFL's best team, but not ready for a middle-of-the-pack team in Germany.

The Colts' other summer campers, guard Matt Ulrich (Berlin) and defensive tackle Tom Johnson (Cologne) fared better and made their teams. The tough and smart Ulrich could very well start and even star over there. More details as they arise.

• How ya like the schedule? That's what you get for winning — a bad draft position and all the hard opponents the commissioner can find.

• A few fans have opined that the Colts would be better off with Domanick Williams (better known as Domanick Davis) than Kevan Barlow as a reserve halfback. I'm not so sure. While many may think Williams is a better all-round back because he has two 1,000-yard seasons to Barlow's one, he's coming of an ACL year. Besides, Williams/Davis has never been a strong inside runner and his slap-and-tickle pass-blocking technique helped run hard-luck case David Carr out of Houston. The Colts are looking for a push-the-pile runner and really don't like the idea of Peyton Manning flat on his back. For all his faults, give me Barlow and his lower price tag.

• The Colts re-signed Jim Sorgi — boy that's a relief, Actually, I shouldn't be so hard on the Maytag repairman of NFL quarterbacks. He knows the Colts' rather complex system and can run things competently in a pinch. He's worth what they paid.

With him back in the fold, the Colts have just guard Jake Scott, defensive end Josh Thomas and cornerback Jason David as restricted free agents. Scott and David are starters and Thomas is a valuable contributor (who, interestingly, received the highest tender of the three by some margin). While I'm sure Thomas and David will re-up soon, I've heard that at least one AFC West team would consider taking Scott off the Colts' hands. That would leave them with an extra fifth-round pick. I'd rather keep Scott, but I'm not in charge.

The remaining unrestricted free agents (runningback James Mungro, receivers Aaron Moorehead and Terrence Wilkins and linebacker Rocky Boiman) are less exciting. Moorehead's had some look-sees, but I think all of them are looking at life after football unless the Colts relent.

• I hope nobody was that surprised when tight end Corey Roberts was waived. Although he was a talented guy, he remained raw for one simple reason — he wasn't all that dedicated to football. Best of luck in whatever career you choose, Corey, but remember, six-digit paychecks aren't that common.

• I noticed the overwhelming number of respondents in ColtPower's poll said the team should trade out of the first round. That might be a good idea, but don't expect Bill Polian to pull the trigger on a trade unless he sees a player he loves like Bob Sanders or Robert Mathis. The problem is that Polian just as often falls for guys like Idrees Bashir or Jonathan Welch and deals for them. If a trade down could net both Ikaika Alama-Francis (who'd be better off inside in the Colts' system) and Anthony Gonzalez, I'd jump at it.

• Wondering where Polian has spent his draft picks since he landed in Indy in 1998, here's a quick list (position determined by where the player began with the Colts):

Cornerback: 12

Safety: 9

Outside linebacker: 8

Guard: 7

Defensive end: 6

Defensive tackle: 5

Halfback: 4

Offensive tackle: 4

Inside linebacker: 3

Wide receiver: 3

Center: 2

Kicker: 2

Quarterback: 2

Tight end: 2

Punter: 1

Fullback: 0

Interesting that the team is still looking for cornerbacks, safeties, outside linebackers defensive tackles and halfbacks.

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