Colts Prospect Q&A Part 2: Ray McDonald

Ed Thompson continues his interview with Florida DE Ray McDonald. Find out who's been showing interest in him over the past couple of months and learn a bit more about him as a player and a person in this exclusive interview.

Since this interview was completed, Ray McDonald has told me that he's completed a visit with the Buccaneers and has another pair set with the Saints and the 49ers this Sunday and Monday. A previously scheduled visit with the Ravens was cancelled after the team decided they had compiled enough information on him to make their evaluation. Other team interests are included in the interview below.

Ed Thompson: At the Combine, Aaron Ross from Tennessee listed you as one of the two toughest guys he faced during his college career. Who were a couple of guys that you felt gave you a real challenge out there?

Ray McDonald: I didn't know he said that about me, but I'd definitely say it was him.

ET: When you had a chance to do some formal interviews, what teams did you get to sit down and talk to during the Combine?

RM: A lot, should I name all of them? The Chiefs, Jets, 49ers, Browns, Saints, Dolphins, Steelers and Falcons. Those are the ones I can remember off the top of my head.

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ET: Let's talk about your Pro Day, I know that's a great opportunity to have some face-to-face opportunity and to have them work you out a little bit. Who was running your position drills?

RM: The New York Jets coach ran it for us. The Carolina coach ran it for a little bit, and then the Browns coach ran it. At the end I think we did a little hand drill with the Kansas City Chiefs coach.

ET: You had some real nice numbers at Pro Day, how did you feel it went?

RM: I feel it went pretty good. They weren't the numbers I would've put up if I were healthy throughout the whole year. I know what I can do. I'm worried about it, but I know I could have done a lot better than that if I would've had a little more time to train. But I was satisfied with it. I'm competitive so I always want to do better, but I think it was OK.

ET: What's your favorite memory from college?

RM: Of course, the National Championship man (laughs)! I couldn't believe when we won the national championship, it was real exciting. All the fans and confetti in the air. Everything about it was exciting.

ET: I knew that had to be it, but I had to ask the question...

RM: (laughs) Yeah...

ET: You're dad, who was a wide receiver for Florida, was on the cover of Sports Illustrated back in 1985. How cool would it be for you to end up on the cover of Sports Illustrated and be able to put those magazines side by side?

RM: It would be real nice, but I'm on defense so it's hard for a defensive player to get on the cover of Sports Illustrated. We won a national title, I think that's good enough.

ET: I'll give you some hope, I know Dwight Freeney made the cover so I know you can do it…

RM: Oh, he did? I might have a chance to do that then. I feel I've got a long career ahead of me.

ET: What is it that you would want NFL teams and the fans to know about you as a person?

RM: I'm a real humble guy. I don't really do much. I like to hang out and stuff like that. That's basically it. I'm a family guy. That's really it, there isn't much to me. Real simple.

ET: Other than the fact you're a great football player…

RM: Yeah, I play ball man.

If you missed the first half of this interview, click here to read it. And to learn more about Ray, visit his player profile page.

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