Polian and Dungy on Anthony Gonzalez

Colts president Bill Polian called him "the perfect replacement for Brandon Stokely." And head coach Tony Dungy said he's "a proficient inside receiver." Get the scoop on what else they had to say about their number one draft pick, Ohio State's Anthony Gonzalez at Saturday's press conference.

"As you know we picked Anthony Gonzalez, a wide receiver from Ohio State. He's another in a long line of first-round picks from the Big Ten. I don't know if that is by design or simply by chance, but we are very happy to have him. We feel like he's a perfect replacement for Brandon Stokely. He's played in the slot. He's extremely intelligent as you saw. He's an academic All-American from St. Ignatius High School in Cleveland with a great football tradition. He has a great football background. He comes from a great program at Ohio State. He's very similar to Brandon (Stokely) in terms of size, speed and hands. He runs very well after the catch at the collegiate level. All of the intangibles are perfect. He's thrilled to be here obviously as any receiver would with this group and we are very happy to have him. He's the guy that we had hoped would get to us and there he was."

(On if the team would have traded the first pick)
"We had no offers that made sense at the point so we decided to go ahead and make the pick. We didn't get anything that made any sense at all in terms of being able to get the players that we had targeted."

(On if the first-round felt like being the longest in history)
"Actually it didn't to us. From pick 20 on in we were engaged and from about 28th on we were sweating. Anthony was the last name on the board. We got him and that's what counts."

(On if this being the best player available)
"Absolutely. This was the best player available. We had one other player rated in the first-round but the need line crossed the player line right here and this was a guy right from the beginning of the process we said ‘hey we can get Anthony Gonzalez, we've made ourselves a heck of a pick.' This is a universally well-thought of pick from the top of the organization on down; coaches, scouts. There's not a scout, not a coach or anybody in the administration that didn't feel that Anthony Gonzalez was the right choice for us."

(On how he felt about the pick)
"This feels more like Dallas (Clark). A guy where you saw right from the start, this guy's a Colt. He's got the horseshoe stamped all over him from the minute that you saw him."

(AP Photo/Will Shilling)
(On what about Gonzalez stick out)
"The intensity in which he plays. His hands. His dexterity, in and out of cuts, his run after the catch. He's a very very complete receiver, and as you saw in the Michigan game, the bigger the game, the bigger he plays. He was overshadowed publicity wise by Ted Ginn, but many commentators and other have said this is the guy that is the more advanced receiver. He is well prepared to play and well coached in that system."

(On the similarities between Stokley and Gonzalez)
"There aren't enough good things to say about Brandon Stokley. You'd be up here all night if you wanted to outline all the good things that Brandon did for this franchise. When you spot a guy who has those same characteristics both personally and as a football player, you say, ‘hey, we've had success with this type of player before and there's no reason to believe we won't again."

(On if he'd draft defense the rest of the draft)
"We'll see. We'll take the best player. Not the best athlete, the best player that comes to us. We've got players targeted on both sides of the ball and we'll keep working at it. As you know, the draft doesn't end with this pick. In fact, there's a great many more to be picked and a great many more that we hope will come in and play. We've got work to do from here on out today and tomorrow."

(On drafting a Hispanic player)
"In this city at this time, that's a big plus. It doesn't make you draft him, but it's all part of the picture and the league needs Hispanic players of his caliber and character to market ourselves to the Hispanic population. I'm sure Anthony will be very popular among them and that's great. It's a great thing."

"We really think Anthony is going to be a great fit for us. He plays a position that we needed with Brandon (Stokely) leaving. He a guy who's been a proficient inside receiver catching the ball well and has played great football for Ohio State. I just happened to be at a breakfast on the same program with Jim Tressel and he went on and on about him as a person and what he's meant to their team. I think he's the type of guy we've had success with. We really feel like he's going to fit right in and we're obviously happy to get him."

(On what made Gonzalez stick out)
"He's very well-coached. He's used to playing with really good players. He's played with Ted Ginn, Santonio Holmes, so he's not a guy that needs the ball all the time. Those are the kinds of guys you have to have in this system because you are not going to be the guy that gets the ball thrown to you on every play. I think that's going to be a strength of his, too. He's used to being just part of a great offense."

(On Anthony Gonzalez's attitude)
"Coach (Jim) Tressel mentioned that he's the guy who is going to do everything and leave no stone unturned. He's going to study and he's going to work and will try to get every edge. That's an interesting piece of his puzzle."

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