Polian and Dungy on the Other Day One Picks

Find out what Colts president Bill Polian and head coach Tony Dungy had to say about their second- and third-round picks in this year's draft in these highlights from their press conference.

"As you know, and somewhat ironically eight years ago today or very close to it, we chose Brandon Burlsworth from Arkansas and unfortunately he passed away before he ever got to play a game for us. We've chosen another Arkansas offensive linemen Tony Ugoh. We traded our first pick in next year's draft plus our first pick 126th in the fourth-round to San Francisco to acquire this pick. Obviously, because we felt he was a player with first-round talent, who can play any position on the offensive line be it guard or tackle. He's 6'5 301 and runs a 5.07 forty, which is exceptional for a big man of that size. He's really just beginning to scratch the surface of his talent. He's been involved in track and field in the springtime, so he hasn't had full spring practices. He was a shot putter at the University of Arkansas. He's athletic, light on his feet with long arms. He can pass protect and played in one of the best running offenses in all of football. We just felt he was a first-round talent at a position that we needed to infuse some youth. Now we have Charlie Johnson and (Dan) Federkeil and now (Tony) Ugoh. We feel like we are in good shape for a lot of years to come at that position."

(On where Ugoh will play)
"I'm sure Howard (Mudd) will start him at guard. Our guys are basically interchangeable."

(On Ugoh being a first-round talent)
"He's clearly a first-round talent. He probably would have gone in the first-round if it wasn't for the receiver run at the end of the round. That's what we thought would happen, that the offensive linemen would fall into the second-round. We'll always see what we can do to get better. It's a move we feel is really good for us. As Tony (Dungy) said, and I said before, you need a little youth. You need to get a little youth in every position. That's an area we felt we needed to add some youth and this is a player that has big upside. The best thing about it is we don't have to put him in there right away and have him play."


Tony Ugoh at the Combine (Scout.com)
"The intriguing part about Tony is he has left tackle ability. He was one of the guys we had rated highly at that position. He's just another guy that we bring into the mix. Last year, Charlie Johnson ended up playing in the Super Bowl, so you can never have enough of those offensive linemen and we just felt he's really a talented guy that we needed to get in here. We are delighted to have him. He was in Houston, his hometown, and he's fired up about being with us. As Bill (Polian) mentioned, they had a tremendous offense. They did some things in the passing game, but really ran the ball. He's going to be a versatile player for us. He'll be a guy we will move around and find the right spot for. He has great ability and athleticism and that's what Howard (Mudd) likes."

(On not drafting defense)
"I know everyone's concerned about our defense. We feel like we have a lot of young guys in the mix and they are going to have to come on and play. We've got some good young defensive players here. We didn't go into it saying we've got to pick defensive players. I'm sure we'll take a look at it and hopefully there are defensive players to take in the third round. It really wasn't something we set the board up that way. We want to take good players and feel like we got two really good ones"

(On Ugoh learning the system quickly)
"That's what you hope. You hope you have him here you train him for a couple of years, maybe play him different places. That's what Tarik (Glenn) did. Tarik played guard for a year and then became the left tackle. He (Ugoh) has that kind of ability. I've never really been a fan of this move until I came here. Bill (Polian) has taught me and showed me that you get the guy a year early and he fits in. I'm a long-term thinker. I hate to give away those future picks, but we've done this twice since I've been here for Robert Mathis and Anthony "Booger" McFarland. They were situations where you end up getting a real productive guy a year ahead of time and it's been great for us. I think this one is going to work out the same way."

"In the 3rd round we took the defensive players. Daymeion Hughes, a cornerback from California. He has 14 career interceptions. If you think about Kelvin Hayden, that's who he is. Same hitter, same ball skills, and outstanding production at California. He fits right in the mold of all the rest of the corners that we have. With the second pick in the third round, we took Quinn Pitcock from Ohio State. He's another Buckeye. John Teerlinck described him as a big old axe-handle guy. He's a terrific run player. He's 300 pounds and ran a 4.95 at the Combine. He's a high motor, go chase all over the field guy. He's not a great pass rusher, but a very big presence inside against the run and a guy who will stand in and slug it out with you while still having some athletic skills. If you said to us this was the way things would break for us, we would have been extremely happy."

"It really did turn out well for us. These two guys I think are going to help our defense. Daymeion is very much like a lot of our corners we've had success with. He reminds me a lot of Ronde Barber when Ronde came out, the same type of anticipation. He's a tremendous zone player. Quinn Pitcock is a high-energy high-motor guy off a great football team that was one of their better players, one of their leaders and a guy who just plays hard every down. He has a 300-pound body, and we don't have many of those. They are going to fit right in to how we play and the type of people we want. It's a very exciting day for us. When you're picking 32nd, you don't necessarily get all these guys you really like and we got four players that are our type of guys. It's just an exciting day and we are looking forward to tomorrow."

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