Scouting Report: TE Gijon Robinson

He comes from a small school, he caught just 25 passes as a senior and he's just a hair over six feet tall. But he's a devastating blocker, has soft hands, runs good routes and has decent speed. Maybe he's got a chance after all. Jerry Langton fills you in on Gijon Robinson...

Gijon Robinson TE Missouri Western

Numbers: 6006/255, 4.71 forty, 2.71 twenty, 1.63 ten, 21 reps, 33 vertical, 9'8 long, 4.43 shuttle, 7.23 cone

2006 stats: 25-253-1 receiving, 1-1-0 rushing

The Player: Robinson's signing was one of those lines of agate that could easily be missed. After all, he's a small-school guy who didn't catch a lot of passes and he plays a position where the Colts are deep. When they find out he stands barely more than six-feet tall, most fans would just turn the page.

But let's not get hasty. Robinson is an excellent blocker, looking like an extra guard most of the time. He sets up very quickly, has phenomenal strength for his size and has the ability to slide and mirror and neutralize the blitz. And, as good as he is inline, Robinson is an even better blocker of the move, smashing helpless linebackers and defensive backs.

He's also a pretty solid receiver when given the chance, running strong routes and shrugging off most attempts to disrupt them. He has very good hands and is adept at positioning himself between the defender and the ball.

There are some drawbacks, though. While Robinson was pummeling players regularly, it should be noted that they were D-II guys. He also does not play to his timed speed, rarely dragging safeties deep. Most damning of all, however, may be his lack of height, which could limit him as a blocker and receiver in the NFL.

Reminds me of: Garrett Mills, an outstanding tight end at Tulsa who was picked by the Patriots in the fourth round of the 2006 draft. Though many believed he'd have to switch to fullback to eke out an NFL career, the Patriots worked with him primarily at tight end, with some H-back and fullback mixed in. He didn't do much as a rookie before landing on injured reserve, but New England still has high hopes for him.

How he fits: The Colts seemed stocked at tight end with Dallas Clark, Ben Utecht and Bryan Fletcher, not to mention rookie prospect Jonny Harline. But Clark and Utecht have injury issues, Fletcher runs hot-and-cold and none of them pack much punch as a blocker. The Colts use two tight end sets extensively — although they may not as much if first-round pick Anthony Gonzalez pans out as a slot man — and like to have talent at the position.

Like the Patriots, the Colts like to move their tight end prospects around and they can find themselves at H-back, fullback, in the slot or even split wide. The Colts also like to keep tight ends around as special-teams blockers and wedge-busters and Robinson certainly has the talent and attitude for that.

Robinson would appear to have some desirable characteristics for the Colts; if he can adjust to the pro game, he has a shot at the September roster.

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