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Catch up on team notes and quotes, featuring Dwight Freeney, Tarik Glenn, Peyton Manning, Charlie Johnson and Tony Dungy.

DE Dwight Freeney and the Colts continue to discuss a long-term contract. Freeney is the team's franchise player and will command a one-year salary of $9.46M if a long-term deal isn't completed by July 15.

"We'll get that one done first," said team president Bill Polian. "Then we will sit down and get a clear picture, to see what our cash looks like, coupled with the (salary) cap, to then project it for the future."

Don't expect the Colts to get a big head or swelled egos after winning Super Bowl XLI last February. In fact, Polian said that the reaction to the team's 29-17 win over Chicago has been anything but boastful.

"What's gone on inside (the Colts' offices) this off-season is exactly what has gone on the past five years," he said. "What's gone on outside is total different. You're in demand. Everybody in the organization is in demand not only in Indiana, but around the country. All of the other things that go with winning the Super Bowl -- when I sit back and reflect on it, it's absolutely incredible.

"Tony (Dungy), and to a lesser extent myself, have preached to them almost from Day One about perception and reality. I think they've bought into it. They understand what is perception and what is reality. I think you see that reflected in how they prepare and how they go about their business."

Peyton Manning
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QB Peyton Manning was kept on a "pitch count" during the team's mandatory minicamp and OTA sessions.

Backup Jim Sorgi got a little more work with the Colts' first-team offense as Manning was limited in the number of passes that he threw this spring. Assistant head coach/quarterbacks coach Jim Caldwell has had Manning on a throw count for the past two offseasons.

"That's been a change and it's made a difference," Manning said. "In November and December last year, I didn't have any of the arm fatigue problems because of what we do now."

Second-year OT Charlie Johnson made a name for himself during February's Super Bowl XLI win over Chicago. Johnson replaced veteran RT Ryan Diem in the second quarter when Diem left the game with an ankle injury.

Johnson went up against Bears DE Adewale Ogunleye and played well, although QB Peyton Manning was a bit surprised to see the former Oklahoma State standout in the game.

"It's a real credit to Charlie, especially in the no-huddle because we only huddle on the first play of the drive. I really didn't know (Ryan) Diem got hurt until probably four or five series after he was injured," Manning said. "That tells you how comfortable everybody was when he came in. At certain positions, it's 'Wait a minute, timeout, we've got a rookie in here and we need to change our approach.' But we had none of that with Charlie."

Since the end of the Super Bowl, Colts officials have taken the Vince Lombardi Trophy on a 50-city tour of Indiana and surrounding areas (including Louisville, Kentucky). Approximately 100,000 fans have had the chance to have their picture taken with the trophy.

The team is planning to raise its Super Bowl XLI championship banner during the Colts' Sept. 6 home opener with the New Orleans Saints.

As for Lucas Oil Stadium, which will be Indianapolis' new home beginning with the 2008 season, construction is on schedule.

QUOTE TO NOTE: "I've made enough money in my career. If I get hurt, that's just the way it's supposed to go. I don't knock anybody if they have a different approach, and I respect (Pittsburgh Steelers OG) Alan Faneca so much. But I don't worry about it. There were times when I didn't get to the Pro Bowl and they gave me Pro Bowl money. Good things will happen if you work hard and not burn bridges." -- Colts LT Tarik Glenn on his expected future contract negotiations with Indianapolis officials. Glenn's contract is up at the end of the 2007 season.

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