What are the odds?

The Colts have 27 rookies in camp, and they can't keep them all. ColtPower handicaps this summer's job searchers and looks at their chances of making the roster after Labor Day.

With the kids out of school, summer has officially begun. But while these months leading up to Labor Day may mean loafing and lazing for some, for NFL hopefuls, it's nothing but hard work. While they won't all be rewarded with roster spots, some of them will be. Here are ColtPower's odds for who'll make it and who won't, barring injury of course.


Anthony Gonzalez
(AP Photo/Michael Conroy)
Three of the top four draft picks all are pretty much guaranteed spots. Receiver Anthony Gonzalez played with such discipline and refinement at Ohio State that he looked like he was already in the NFL. He has a virtual starting spot waiting for him in the slot.

Similarly, defensive tackle Quinn Pitcock plays with the type of intensity the Colts desire in their defenders. There's a crying need for a inside guy who can stand up against the run, and there's nothing on Pitcock's resume that says it won't be him.

Tackle/guard Tony Ugoh will get a free ride because the Colts traded next year's first-rounder for him. He would have to be unprecedentedly bad not to be around in September.


Daymeion Hughes
(AP Photo/Tom Strickland)
It's tempting to say cornerback Daymeion Hughes is a lock because he's a smart player, a proven ballhawk and the Colts have a great need at the position. But for those who'd call him a sure thing, I'd say not so fast — as in, Hughes ran a 4.65 forty at the Combine and that may prove more glaring this summer than it did last spring.

At least one drafted cornerback will make the team and it could be Michael Coe, or it could be both of them. Coe's a bit more timid in the hitting department than the Colts like, but he has all the tools and is an intelligent young man.

Safety Brannon Condren certainly looks the part, but really has to work on his deep coverage before he gets too many reps on defense. Outside linebacker Clint Session is a bit of a freelancer, but has all the other qualities the Colts desire at the position.

Good chance

Roy Hall
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It was a good sign for receiver Roy Hall when the Colts gave him No. 83 — guys with numbers in the 80s usually make it. And, although he was drafted in the fifth round and is a very impressive specimen, there are reasons why he rarely saw the field at Ohio State. Defensive end Keyunta Dawson has impressive pass-rush skills, but the Colts fall in and out of those guys pretty frequently — who remembers Jonathan Welsh, Jonathan Goddard, Josh Mallard and all those other guys who were in Indy for a while? Halfback Clifton Dawson is in a good spot, not because he's a great player (though he is good), but because of instability ahead of him. Starter Joseph Addai has had a long history of injuries in college, while backup prospects DeDe Dorsey and Kenton Keith bring even more questions. Dorsey is undersized, while Keith has had off-the-field problems and brings a rep as a fumbler. Dawson, a strong one-cut runner and an upstanding young man, could well force his way onto the roster.

Outside chance

Jonny Harline
(AP/Douglas C. Pizac)
Between them, tight ends Jonny Harline and Gijon Robinson have a very good chance, but neither could be called the front-runner at this point. One will probably make the roster, but who knows which?

Harline is a superlative receiver and a liability as a blocker, while Robinson's an accomplished blocker whose receiving skills are underdeveloped. Robinson's experience at fullback could help.

Defensive tackles Ramel Meekins, Quintin Echols and Edward Johnson, all have plusses and minuses, but face a lot of competition from Pitcock, Raheem Brock, Anthony McFarland, Darrell Reid, Dan Klecko, Tom Johnson and, of course, each other.

A similar situation exists at outside linebacker, where any of KaMichael Hall, Victor Worsley, Brandon Archer or Ramon Guzman, could make the team, but none really stands out at this point.

One interesting guy to consider is cornerback Antonio Smith. People say this former walk-on isn't a great athlete, but he always got the job done at Ohio State, and he's an all-time battler with potential as a coach.

Tough odds

Joe Lobdell
(Photo: Northern Iowa Athletics)
Converted tight end Joe Lobdell has to prove he belongs in a group that includes Tarik Glenn, Ryan Diem, Charlie Johnson, Daniel Federkeil, Michael Toudouze, Gabe Hall and Ugoh.

Halfback Chris Morgan put up huge numbers in college — too bad they were at Indiana of Pennsylvania. Similarly, tight end Matt Farbotko was a decent player at Harvard (Harvard!).

With Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne, Gonzalez, Aaron Moorehead, John Standeford, Devin Aromashodu, Hall and Craphonso Thorpe ahead of them, any of the receiving trio of Trent Shelton, Michael DePriest, Taylor Sele would have to be spectacular this summer to make the team.

Safety Melvin Bullitt is courageous and a big hitter, but is also considered a liability is almost all coverage situations.

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