NFL Europe, did it help the Colts?

Traditionally, the Colts haven't paid much attention to the NFL Europe. But they sent five guys over the Atlantic this year, so it makes sense to see what they did over there and whether or not they can help the team this year.

Now that it's gone, the NFL Europe is now just a dim memory for most. But the Colts did send some guys on European vacations this spring, and it may just be worthwhile to check up on their progress.

Mike McGann: He vied with former Colts Rod Rutherford for the right to backup starter Casey Bramlet on the World Bowl champion Hamburg Sea Devils. McGann played a little, but didn't really see any pressure situations. Going to Germany did little to increase or decrease his value to the Colts.

Brian Hare: Injuries sidelined this former Purdue guy, so he really didn't get a chance to show what he had. His trip to Europe didn't help him at all.

Matt Ulrich: He played really well for a bad team. Flanking former Colt Rob Hunt, Ulrich was the best player on the offensive line that outshone the rest of the team. While Berlin went 2-8 and were usually playing from way behind, I think it's remarkable that the line gave up only 17 sacks protecting largely immobile Travis Lulay. While Ulrich played as well as can be expected in Germany, he faces long odds to make the team in September because the Colts have a luxury of interior linemen this summer.

Tom Johnson: Johnson put up some decent pass-rush numbers for the Centurions, he lost his starting job due to a lack of effectiveness against the run and a tendency to be flagged. His trip to Europe showed that he has some talent, but needs to get it under control if wants a serious chance at making the Colts.

Shane Andrus: Statistically, Andrus had a pretty decent season for Hamburg — 21/22 XP, 13/16 FG — but when I saw him miss a 24-yarder in the championship game, I knew he wasn't really NFL material. He was somewhat better on kickoffs than placekicks, but still not consistent enough for an NFL team to be comfortable with.

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