Colts Buzz: 7/3

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Booger McFarland recently hosted his annual "I Can Wait" Camp. During the camp he stressed not giving in to peer pressure and he had a few friends there to help him out. Fellow Colts Reggie Wayne and Joseph Addai were present at the camp and both talked with the kids and worked with them in drills. Click here to get the full story. 

With less than two weeks remaining, the Colts and their star defensive end, Dwight Freeney are still negotiating a contract. According to Clack Judge of CBS Sportsline "this is just par for the course."
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Peyton Manning following the Colts' Super Bowl victory. (Getty Images)

Peyton Manning finally silenced his critics and helped lead his team to a Super Bowl victory last season, so why wouldn't his Q score rise? He is already ranked number one among active NFL players see his score and where he ranks among all athletes here!

Safety Norman LeJeune and some fellow NFL players are working to improve the image of the NFL and its players. Find out what they're doing and how NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is reacting in this article.

Former Colt and Tennessee Titan, Jason Mathews, retired following the 2004 season and an 11-year NFL career. He now finds himself fortunate enough to have the opportunity to continue to work in the sport of football with his newest job. Click here to see what he's up to now!  

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