Colts Buzz: 7/9

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NFL commissionioner Roger Goodell has been on a mission to clean up off-field behavior. While some players just haven't gotten the message, the future is beginning to look bright. The NFL's young faces are getting the message loud and clear and are beginning to make the changes Goodell wants to see. Indy's Tim Jennings talks about what it's like to always be "walking on pins and needles" because he's a professional athlete and how he feels about Goodell's mission here.  

Head coach Tony Dungy's book, "Quiet Strength: The Principles, Practices & Priorities of a Winning Life," becomes available at bookstores Tuesday.
Click here for an update on what it's been like for him to see his book published and his plans as he goes on a national tour to promote his book this week.  

Tom Brady and Peyton Manning (Getty Images)

"This argument is right up there with Frasier-Ali, Williams-DiMaggio, Bird-Johnson...Red Sox-Yankees, Bruins-Canadians, Bears-Packers," it's discussed multiple times a year on talk shows and television... it's that never-ending debate of who is better Peyton Manning or Tom Brady? Cick here to see what one writer thinks and how the stats line up side-by-side! 

USA Today's annual NFL salary check shows the Colts had the highest payroll in the NFL in 2006. Click here to get the numbers and see who the highest-paid player in the league was!  

Since being drafted as the first overall pick in 1998, Peyton Manning quickly became (and has remained) the face of the Indianapolis Colts. Try starting a conversation about the Colts with anyone you meet and see how long it takes before Peyton comes up in the conversation. He once told President Bill Polian he should draft him because he would win for him and he has done just that. In his article at contributor Steve Clark takes a look back with the first of a two-part series on how Peyton Manning changed the Colts.

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