Colts Buzz: 7/11

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If NFL spectators didn't know about Matt Giordano's speed before, they knew after the first play of Super Bowl XLI; where he chased down Devin Hester of the Chicago Bears just as he crossed the goal line. Giordano is a quiet individual both off and on the field. He opts to go out and just do his job and do it well and it's beginning to pay off. Working extensively on special teams in his first season, this past year he made his first NFL start at safety against the Cincinnati Bengals. He and Dexter Reid were able to hold off one of the NFL's best offenses to less than three hundred yards; a feat the defense had not done so well with thus far in the season...not bad for a guy nobody had heard of. As he enters his third season, Giordano feels he has something to proove and he's going to do just that. Click here to see what steps he's taking to improve his game and help his team! 

Ben Utecht (Getty Images)

As the summer roles on and training camp approaches the Colts continued their "Make It Personal" tour with a stop at the Porter County Expo Center. Fans lined up for hours and got a surprise when they learned Ben Utecht and Brian Fletcher were there (their attendance was not made known ahead of time). Utecht and Fletcher signed autographs, showed off their Super Bowl rings and, talked with fans for a few hours. Click here for the more details on the event!  

Tony Dungy's autobiography hit the bookshelves today and those who pick up a copy may be surprised by what they find. While there is of course talk about his coaching career in Indianapolis, the book focuses primarily on the things in Dungy's life that have made him the man he is today. His faith plays a big role in the book (each chapter starts with a bible verse or a quote from someone he admires) which seems appropriate because Dungy has stressed countless times how important his faith is to him. Fans may be interested to see just how it has molded him into the amazing coach he has become. Click here for more details on the book!  

If you'd like a sneak-peek at Dungy's book follow this link to the Indianapolis Star where you can find quotes from the book and Dungy himself addressing questions such as why he wrote it!

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