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Scouts Inc. recently examined depth charts from around the league and have come up with their top-ten wide receiving corps heading into the 2007 season. Where did the Colts high-powered receiving group (which has only gotten better with the addition of Anthony Gonzalez) finish? What other teams made the top ten? Click here to find out! 

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As the start of training camps and the 2007 football season approaches, it seems that everyone is offering their speculation on how teams will do. Each team has been broken down, their off-season losses and current rosters analyzed, and their outcomes predicted. So far, most people are saying about the same thing. For a slightly new perspective take a trip over to some Jaguar Country and see what they have to say when breaking down the Colts' situation for 2007. Be sure to note the column on the right where they explain who they think should have been the Super Bowl MVP rather than Peyton Manning!  

All NFL teams have talent. It's a remarkable feat to even make it to the NFL. So what seperates two teams with a lot of talent? Don M. Dumas from would argue that it's the coaching: "If you think your favorite team has enough talent to win it all, you're probably right. However with the right head coach your team's chances of hoisting the Lombardi Trophy increases dramatically." Colts fans and anyone familiar with the NFL will tell you Tony Dungy is a great coach and a remarkable man both on and off the field. Click here to see where he ranked in the top five and who was ranked above him!  

Pat Kirwan at listed second-year linebacker Freddy Keiaho and third-year cornerback Kelvin Hayden amongst the players who "have to deliver" this season. Check out his top ten list here.

Among the losses during the off-season was return specialist Terrence Wilkins. With the Colts opting not to resign Wilkins, who is there to fill his shoes? The answer is T.J. Rushing and it would seem as though the returner roles are all but his for the taking. Rushing will be the first one to tell you "I'm the only one on the roster who did it last year...but there are always athletes who can do it." Head coach Tony Dungy said nothing was certain, but Rushing would definitely have a chance. The first time Rushing touched a football in an NFL game was in the 2006 preseason against the Rams and he promptly returned the punt for 63 yards. Rushing is confident and believes he has what takes to be a great return specialist and more! Click here to get the full scoop and see how Rushing's goals for his career extend even beyond just being a return specialist!

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