End of the Line for Simon in Indy?

Although Corey Simon has been activated by the Colts, there are actions behind the scenes that indicate that if Indy's front office stays in character, this is more likely the move that will set up his release.

So the buzz of the day is that the Colts have activated Corey Simon, leaving the media and fans to wonder what the Colts' next move is?

Naturally, the team isn't saying. And based on Simon's quote in the IndyStar article that broke the news, even the defensive tackle doesn't know.

"This is the first I've heard of it," he said.

If that's true, then the move likely doesn't bode well for Simon. Because if the team was ready to open up their arms, welcoming him back to the roster, doesn't it make sense that they would have been in touch with him?

After a serious rift that sent rumors swirling about Simon's health and a hotly contested grievance over whether or not he should get his full salary for 2007, it makes sense that the Colts would have been in touch with him before deciding to activate him.

Wouldn't they want to talk to him and have him go for a physical, see how his weight is and what kind of shape he's in since camp starts in two weeks? Or maybe they'll do that now that they've activated him and can order him to do so.

But if you think about Tony Dungy as a coach and a person, doesn't it also make sense that he would want to have at least a chat by phone with his estranged defensive lineman to see if Simon could ignore all that's gone on over the last 10 months or so and arrive at camp with a positive attitude? It seems to me that Dungy would want to know that Simon could show up and be something other than a distraction.

And speaking of distractions, why would the Colts want the ensuing media circus the first week or so of training camp? They head into this year's summer workouts as the reigning World Champs with no sign of controversy or turmoil on the horizon.

So why add Corey Simon back into the mix?

Some might say they could use his run-stuffing ability in the lineup. That might be true, as long as he's in shape -- can stay in shape -- and can stay healthy. But I'm not convinced that the Colts believe that to be the case with Corey Simon.

And the team has become much more decisive about letting players move on if they sense that the individual is going to be a chronic injury problem or simply unreliable. You can look back to their decisions on Donald Strickland, Joseph Jefferson, and their more recent decisions to let two truly fine people go that team officials had no qualms with and respected a great deal -- Montae Reagor and Brandon Stokely.

So why would Corey Simon get another chance to draw more money from the payroll this year and create a distraction for a team trying to focus on defending their championship status -- one that they earned last year without him playing a single snap?

If the Colts stay true to their character and recent history, it doesn't make sense that this would be anything more than a procedural move through the league office since a player can only be released from the roster, not from the reserve or PUP lists.

We should see another move coming through the league office very soon with Corey Simon's contract termination listed, making him a free agent, allowing him and the Colts to move on from their brief association.

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