Colts Buzz: 7/16

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Fox Sports' Mike Tanier says when ranking NFL quarterbacks it's easy to rank numbers three through thirty-two; it's when you get down to numbers one and two that you hit some rocky terrain. See where he ranks Indianapolis' quarterback squad and what he has to say about each of its members!  

Head coach Tony Dungy continued his nation-wide tour promoting his book with a stop in Fort Wayne for a book signing. An estimated 2,000 fans showed up to receive autographs and meet the coach who won the hearts of the area when he suggested on national television that the Colts-Bears Super Bowl be played there. Click here to get the details on how the event went and coach Dungy's hopes afterwards.  

It doesn't get much better than winning the Super Bowl in your rookie season in the NFL, but Joseph Addai is no stranger to winning big early. As a sophomore he helped LSU win the BCS National Championship, so while he is still learning about the NFL Addai already knows a lot about winning. Because of his blessings, Addai also knows the difficulty of defending a championship the following year. See how he feels about what lies ahead of the Colts and what he's doing to prepare himself in this article!  

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