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LB Rocky Boiman... it's not a name you usually hear when the Colts are brought up, but if you ask Indianapolis' coaching staff they'll tell you he was critical to the Colts' Super Bowl victory. Since joining the Colts during the 2006 off-season, Boiman has served as a quiet leader simply doing whatever he can to help his team and putting everything he has into it. The former Notre Dame standout says, "I work hard, know my assignment and if guys can pick up that, I think it makes us a better team." When he met with the Colts in the 2006 off-season, head coach Tony Dungy told him "we brought you here because you can help us win" and he's done just that. Click here to see what impact Rocky has had in his time with the Colts and what he's doing to make sure that continues!  

The folks over at are continuing to work through the different departments of the NFL teams and ranking the top 16 in the league. Most recently they took a look at an area the Colts have been rock-solid in over recent years -- the offensive line. Last season the Colts' O-line allowed just 20 sacks in 591 dropbacks, third fewest in franchise history and second fewest in the NFL. They also boast Pro Bowl linemen such as Tarik Glenn and Jeff Saturday! Click here and see where they ranked the Colts' line and what they have to say about them!  

Tony Dungy (Getty Images)

After a number of appearances following the Colts' Super Bowl victory and a ten-day national book tour, head coach Tony Dungy is finally taking a moment to sit down. On Thursday coach Dungy returned to the Tampa, Florida area and went fishing with some old friends. See what he's up to now and how he's gearing up with another season knocking on the door!  

Dungy hasn't been the only coach catching up on a little relaxation, family and friend time. Assistant head coach Jim Caldwell is finally relaxing and getting to just be a dad and grandfather for a little while as he joined in celebrating the birth of his new grandson. Click here for an update on Coach Caldwell and why he says he plans to take off his Super Bowl ring for a while! 

In recent offseasons the Colts have engaged in re-negotiations and signings with players like Peyton Manning, Marvin Harrison, and Reggie Wayne to secure their offensive stars for the future while keeping the cap hit as reasonable as possible. This offseason however, they showed that they are also committed to keeping a core group of stars on both sides of the ball when they signed Dwight Freeney to a longterm deal. See how this was an important move not only for the Colts' success, but their image around the NFL in this article!  

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