Colts Buzz: 7/22

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As it winds to a close the Colts can look back on their offseason and smile. Many of them treated themselves to some vacation time, time with their families, and gave a lot back to their fans. Safety Bob Sanders says "Anytime you can give back, it's always positive, it's always good" that seems to be the mentality of most of the Colts as they have been very busy during this off-season. Click here to see what some of the players have been up to and how they're getting ready for training camp!  

Every year at training camp much of what's expected from various individuals comes to fruition, but once and a while there's a surprise. Steve Doerschuk of argues that it is these surprise players that make the difference for teams and takes a look at some surprises for the Colts in the past couple years. Some of the Colts star players were virtual unknowns when they came into the league -- know who they are? Check out Steve's article and see if you agree with him!  

One week from today the Colts will kickoff their summer training camp. Finally all of the questions that have been circulating since shortly after the Super Bowl will begin to be answered. Scouts Inc. contributer Doug Kretz offers a preview of Indy's training camp over at and takes one last look at the big questions -- as well as who he expects to surprise some people -- and how the Colts' game plan will shape up for the season. Click here for his full analysis!  

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