Colts Buzz: 7/24

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While it has yet to be confirmed, the retirement of Tarik Glenn seems imminent. As he prepares to depart from an impressive NFL career, it will undoubtedly be a time for looking back at his time on the field and all that he's done. This is exactly what one fan did over at Click here and see what he had to say about the quiet giant and where he belongs in the NFL history books.  

According to a source close to the negotiations, the Colts have reached an agreement with one of their 2007 draft picks and a contract is expected to be signed in the next two days. This signing comes just in time as the Colts will start training camp in just five days. See who it is and get some details on the agreement in this AP article!  

Tony Dungy (Getty Images)

With Colts players preparing to report to training camp on the 29th, the Colts' coaching staff got back to work yesterday. The coaches began to make plans for the season and addressed pending issues such as Tarik Glenn's possible retirement and the Colts' voluntary rookie camp (which starts Wednesday). Head coach Tony Dungy says, "I am ready to get into our element...getting back and doing what we do will be a lot of fun." See what else the coaches are planning and how they're feeling heading into the season here!  

On July 31st the Colts will be honored at the South Bend Silver Hawks game. There are a variety to ways to get tickets to the game at an incredibly low price and the evening shows to hold several great opportunities for fans! Get more info on how you can go to the game and help out others at the same time here!  

Starting in 2008 fans will have a new ticket purchasing opportunity through While continuing to serve as the team's authorized ticketing company for all of the Colts' home games, Ticketmaster will launch the new Colts TicketExchange site. This TicketExchange hopes to provide fans with more opportunities to buy tickets to games by creating a network for fans to buy and sell tickets from other fans. Click here for the full run-down on this future opportunity!  

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