Colts Buzz: 7/25

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With the official retirement of 10-year veteran Tarik Glenn, the Colts will need to make some adjustments. First and most importantly though, the Colts organization wanted to make it clear how much they appreciated Glenn being a part of the team and how much he will be missed. The scene last night was described as an emotional time for the team and its owner Jim Irsay. See what he had to say to and about Tarik following his retirement announcement.  

According to his agent, the Colts have reached a contract agreement with another one of their 2007 draft choices. The process continues to be a critical one as the Colts approach their voluntary rookie camp and full-team training camp. Click here and learn the identity of the latest Colt to officially become part of the team!  

Anthony Gonzalez (Getty Images)

Colts fans will have an opportunity to really get to know first-round draft pick Anthony Gonzalez this year thanks to reality TV. Gonzalez is set to be one of a few NFL players featured on the show 'NFL PLAYERS Helmets Off' this season. The show will be entering its fourth season on the air. Click here and see what Gonzalez will be up to on the show!  

With a busy off-season of primarily small bumps and bruises, the Colts are now preparing to make a run to repeat as Super Bowl champions. The question is will all of those little bumps add up? Or will the fewer, but bigger bumps make a difference? One thing is for sure, the Colts have quite a road ahead of them!  

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