Colts Roster Moves Analysis

The Colts added cornerback Cedrick Holt on Tuesday and waived a wide receiver Taylor Sele on Wednesday as they prepare for the opening of training camp in Terre Haute, Indiana on Monday. What's so special about Holt that the Colts would sign him at this late juncture? Find out inside...

The Indianapolis Colts added former North Carolina cornerback Cedrick Holt to the roster this week and subsequently waived former Boston College wide receiver Taylor Sele.

Holt was originally signed as a free agent by the Tennessee Titans last year, but was released in August. Earlier this year, he played for the Cologne Centurions in NFL Europa as a free agent.

So what's the Colts' interest in a player who hasn't commanded a lot of attention since leaving North Carolina?

Well, he reportedly ran under a 4.4 forty-yard dash at his Pro Day back in 2006. And during his senior year in 2005, he showed with 58 tackles, five tackles for losses, two interceptions and a team-high 10 pass break ups. He was second in the ACC in pass breakups and third in passes defended.

And he's an intelligent, focused player who made plays when North Carolina used their Cover 2 defense.

"Quiet, he is. He's such a smart player," said North Carolina head coach John Bunting during Holt's senior year. "As a corner, you don't expect that guy to enter a whole lot into directing the defense. But he's another guy out there that has helped Tommy Richardson organize the defense – particularly when we're playing nickel – because he is a nickel linebacker so to speak.

"What he's done is played very physical – more than he ever has before. Against Wisconsin there was evidence of that. He made a lot of tackles and played out there in the slot. He's able to get off the blocks of a lot of receivers..."

To make room for Holt, the Colts waived former Boston College wide receiver Taylor Sele. Indianapolis had added him to the roster in May after he was waived by the Washington Redskins, but may have learned that Sele has primarily built his reputation more on his speed more than his catching ability. During his final season in college, he caught just 11 passes for 133 yards even though he played in all 13 games.

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