Behind Enemy Lines: Tennessee Titans

Tennessee put together a nice run during the second half of the season in 2006. With changes in personnel during the offseason, are they likely to improve or slip in 2007? We turned to one of our network's Titans team experts, Jimmy Morris, for the answers to five key questions about the Colts' AFC South rival.

The Titans have had some offseason changes at the wide receiver position. Bring us up to date on who's gone and who's new...

Jimmy Morris:  The Titans lost their top two receivers from last season over the past few months. Drew Bennett signed with the Rams and Bobby Wade signed with the Vikings. Bennett was an important part of the Titans offense for the past five to six seasons and will be missed. Wade came into his own last year as the slot receiver.

Tennessee added Justin Gage and Eric Moulds through free agency. Gage is a big receiver with some potential, but his career high in receptions is just 31. He hasn't proven yet that he can produce at this level. The recent addition of Moulds is huge. He is currently the best receiver on a Titans roster that includes David Givens and Brandon Jones.

The Titans also added 3 receivers in the draft with Paul Williams (Fresno State), Chris Davis (Florida State), and Joel Filani (Texas Tech). Williams has the physical tools to be a star but was inconsistent in college. Davis is a similar receiver to Wade and could make an immediate impact in the slot. Filani had great college numbers (175 receptions for 2,667 yards with 23 TDs) but some people believe that was just a product of the prolific Texas Tech passing system.

How will the changes at wide receiver impact Vince Young's success?

JM:  That is an excellent question. If you have watched Vince Young play for any length of time, you know that he is going to be successful. He has an unbelievable leadership quality that cannot be explained. However, leading a group of receivers with this little experience is going to be a challenge for him in his second season. There will be some growing pains for Young, but in the end, he will find a way to have success with these guys.

What do you expect to see from running back LenDale White this year?

JM:  I expect good things from LenDale White this season. It is obvious from his career at USC that he has the talent to be a very good back. The only question with LenDale has been his desire. His desire seemed to become a lot stronger when the Titans spent a second-round draft pick on Arizona running back Chris Henry and when Coach Fisher blasted him for missing a minicamp practice.

The signing of Chris Brown sent a message to Lendale as well. His tweaked hammy miraculously healed for the last couple of minicamp practices. He knows that the starting spot isn't going to be just handed to him now, so I think he will have a good camp and will enter the season as the starting running back.

Former Colts Nick Harper and Gilbert Gardner signed on with Tennessee during the offseason. Where do you see them fitting into the Titans' plans this year?

JM:  Nick Harper is going to be a huge part of the Titans defense. He was brought in to be the No. 2 corner opposite Pacman Jones. When Pacman was suspended for the year, Harper became the No. 1 corner. However, there are some concerns that he won't be as good outside of the Cover 2 system that he played in for the Colts. The Titans are banking on the fact that he can make the adjustment.

Gardner was brought in strictly for depth purposes. The Titans have two very good outside linebackers in Keith Bulluck and former Colt David Thornton. Gardner won't push either of them for a starting spot but could be counted on heavily if either of them has an injury.

Heading into training camp, what are the team's biggest weakness on each side of the ball?

JM:  On offense, the biggest weakness is wide receiver. I feel a little better with Eric Moulds coming in because it gives the Titans some veteran presence at the position. Beyond that there is not a guy on the roster who has really proven anything.

Brandon Jones has shown flashes of being a big-play guy, but his play overall has been inconsistent. After Jones you have guys like Justin Gage, Roydell Williams and Courtney Roby who have been in the league a while but have never been able to get on the field much. After those guys you have a bunch of rookies.

On defense, the biggest weakness is the defensive line. Kyle Vanden Bosch is a great defensive end with a motor that never stops. The Titans desperately need a defensive end to play opposite KVB.

At defensive tackle, Albert Haynesworth has shown flashes of being a Pro Bowl caliber defensive tackle, but unfortunately, he is best known for stomping on a guy's face. He is in a contract year, so hopefully that will spark him to put it all together. The other tackles have only been average at best thus far.

Jimmy Morris is a sportswriter and team expert for, our Tennessee site on the network.

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