Colts Buzz: 7/29

More speculation on Tony Dungy's retirement ... Colts special teams to struggle again? ... Cato June's role in Tampa Bay is clarified ... Can the Colts repeat? ... Montae Reagor update and more in today's Colts Buzz!

Newsday's Bob Glauber points out that had Colts head coach Tony Dungy stuck to his original plan, he would have retired before winning a Super Bowl. "The idea was to coach 10 seasons and then retire," Dungy said. Read more about Dungy's coaching career and how long he's likely to continue coaching in the NFL in this feature.

"The Colts have had terrible coverage and return teams for years and there's no reason to believe 2007 will be different," says Ryan Wilson at He's projecting that the Colts will finish 31st in overall special teams performance in 2007. Check out his full rankings here -- and be sure to click the link that takes you to teams 17-32 in the shaded box located in the upper half of the article.

Over at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' official website, they have a nice write-up on the difference between Cato June's new role in the Bucs' defense versus what he was expected to do while he played for the Colts. And even though he's lining up at the strongside linebacker instead of weakside, June says he'll be doing virtually the same things he did in Indianapolis.  "In our defense in Indy, the WILL was actually what they call a SAM here. It's just the way we lined up in Indy versus how we do it here. Outside of under fronts, strongside is of course going to be on the line. But outside of that, I'm essentially playing the same position," he says. Check out the full article on June here.

Dwight Freeney sacks Trent Green
(Getty Images) picks their top five issues to watch at training camp in this feature. While a number are predictable such as who will fill in for Tarik Glenn and whether or not their two new starting cornerbacks are really ready to step up, perhaps the most intriguing is the fifth question they ask about Colts defensive end Dwight Freeney who signed a huge offseason deal that made him the top-paid defensive player in the history of the league.  They ask, "Now that Dwight Freeney is set for life financially, will he remain motivated?"

Meanwhile, Bob Kravitz at is already predicting that the Colts won't repeat as Super Bowl champs in 2007. But that's par for the course if you've read his columns in the past. One apparent flaw in his logic is that he points to the Patriots and Chargers as reasons the Colts won't make it. And while the Patriots are going to be formidable this year once again, don't be surprised to see the Chargers slip a bit under new head coach Norv Turner. Either Kravitz doesn't think a head coaching change -- and a disastrous one at that -- can have a big impact on even a talented team, or he forgot that Marty Schottenheimer is no longer calling the shots in San Diego.

The father of Colts wide receiver Aaron Moorhead -- Emery Moorehead -- played for the Bears from 1981-1988 and joined some of his former teammates for a charity softball game against some former Green Bay Packers on Saturday night. The former pro tight end was asked about the challenge of seeing his son play against his former team for the Lombardi Trophy earlier this year. Find out what he had to say about that and his performance in past Super Bowl action versus his son's in this article.

Reports out of Philadelphia indicate that former Colts defensive tackle Montae Reagor -- who suffered serious head and face injuries in a car accident last fall -- will be in pads and hitting by Wednesday in the Eagles' camp. Another former Colt -- 34-year old quarterback Kelly Holcomb -- will be the oldest player in training camp for the Eagles.

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