Colts Buzz: 8/6

Is Peyton Manning calling the shots with the media now? ... As camp progresses the defense looks to recreate its identity ... Jackson settling in as a starter ... Manning happy with team's progress.

The Colts defense has begun to regroup after several off-season personnel losses. Returning to what they do best and plugging in some new starters have been the objectives thus far and the unit has seen a lot of positive results. Click here for an overview on the developments thus far!

Aside from a few sound bites received on Monday and at the end of the week, Peyton Manning has kept the media waiting. As they stand awaiting his arrival, Manning has reportedly been taking routes to the locker room to avoid the media frenzy. Most players speak when given any opportunity to do so, is Manning in such high demand that he can pick and choose when to talk and who he talks to? It would seem that that's exactly the case.

Marlin Jackson
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One of the big changes in the Colts' defense this year is found at the cornerback position. Despite Marlin Jackson only having one prior start to this season and Kelvin Hayden having none, both cornerbacks have made their presence known on the field. Each one posted a post-season interception that sealed victory for the Colts in their 2007 Super Bowl run (Jackson in the AFC championship against New England and Hayden in the Super Bowl against Chicago). Head coach Tony Dungy expects both to step up and lead the rookie and second-year players below them without much difficulty. Click here for a full update on Marlin Jackson and how he's adjusting to his new role.

With week-one under their belts and week-two set to gear up tomorrow, QB Peyton Manning seemed positive about the team's progress. "We're off to a good start" he claimed and felt the team had taken the steps it needed to thus far in training camp. See what other steps the Colts need to take and what the team will be looking to work on during the second week of training camp in this feature from the Indy Star!

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