Colts Buzz: 8/7

DeDe Dorsey is showing what he's got ... Little things matter the most ... Colts issue a new challenge ... Who will step up this year?

He was the top candidate to assist Joseph Addai in the rushing attack for this season. He knew he would have to show the coaches what he was made of in training camp and RB DeDe Dorsey says he's happy so far. So what is his next step? Can he perform in a game situation as well as he has in camp? Get the answers in this article!

After Monday morning's practice, it was confirmed by head coach Tony Dungy that DT Anthony McFarland suffered a serious injury to his patella tendon during practice last week. This is the latest in a series of challenges the Colts have faced in preparing for the 2007 season. Dungy said he's made the situation clear to the other members of the team. Click here to see what he thinks the next step is in overcoming this turn of events. And for a more in-depth analysis of who is likely to take over for McFarland, check out Colts Expert Ed Thompson's article right here at!

Hunter Smith
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You won't usually find him in the highlight probably won't watch someone draft him in your fantasy football league...and you definitely won't see him play any different because of it. Colts punter Hunter Smith has established himself as one of the best in the business and continues to be a major factor in the Colts' kicking success. While Smith brings consistency to the punting game, teammate Adam Vinatieri can relax and know the ball is going to be in position for him when it's snapped back into Smith's dependable hands. David Hughes of the Tribune Star is calling the Colts' kicking game "among the NFL's elite"find out why in this article!

Indianapolis continued their emphasis on community with their most recent challenge directed toward middle school students in the Indianapolis area. The Colts are teaming up with some friends and middle school teachers to get the students thinking about what community really means. Get all the details on the challenge and who's involved by clicking here!

With the induction of the most recent players to join the Pro Football Hall of Fame this past weekend, Bob Kravitz of the Indianapolis Star took the opportunity to draw attention to the talent found on the current Colts roster. The phrases "Peyton Manning" and "Hall of Fame" are quickly becoming synonymous, but what about the rest of the team? Who else deserves the honor of going down in football history? Click here to see what he thinks and see if you agree!

Following Saturday's scrimmage, the Colts coaches and players were in agreement about one thing for sure: "it's the little things that win ballgames." The Colts have shown a lot of promise thus far and now want to focus on tweaking the smaller details of their game. Get a recap of the scrimmage and see what led the Colts to their common conclusion in this feature!

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