Colts Buzz: 8/8

Is it all on Peyton's shoulders again? ... Is Indy that good or just lucky? ... Have the Colts found part of their key to recovery in draft choice Key Dawson? ... Get these answers and more in today's Colts Buzz!

With the loss of Anthony McFarland and thus a significant member of the defensive line, the question of whether or not the Colts will have to go back to relying on their high-powered offense to win has resurfaced. Defense made the difference last season, so will Peyton and company actually be able to outscore everyone as the Colts try to repeat? For an answer, check out this article!

The man at the head of the project to replace Booger McFarland is defensive coordinator Ron Meeks. Each year Meeks has patched up holes in the defense due to personnel losses and now he's at it again. While the losses sent the media into a frenzy, Meeks and his defense have remained strangely calm. Meeks says he actually sees the potential for an even faster defense that could be a solution to the Colts defense's run blocking woes from last season. Click here to find out why!

Keyunta Dawson fights past OG Ryan Lilja
(Associated Press)

This Thursday when the Colts take on the Cowboys in their preseason opener, it's likely you will see Keyunta Dawson lined up at defensive end. Anyone who has been keeping an eye on training camp however, knows that that's not the only place he's been playing. The Colts have been experimenting with sliding Dawson inside to play defensive tackle and they say they like what they've seen. What could this mean for the effort to replace holes in the defensive line? Have the Colts found the key to filling their holes on the d-line in their very own Key (Dawson's nickname)? Check out this article for an update on how it's going!

With the real start of the NFL preseason coming tomorrow night, the NFL betting season starts back up as well. While they won't get much of a look at the Colts' headliners, fans and betters will have an opportunity to see some of the younger players who could potentially be seeing more playing time this year (especially on defense). The Cowboys handed the Colts one of their few losses last season, but then again the Colts won the Super Bowl; so who's favored so far? Find out here!

Was the Colts' Super Bowl victory a result of superior talent or was it just luck? Tom Curran from says "The Colts were lucky last year." The Colts will tell you their roster last year probably wasn't the most talented team they've had in the last few years, but this was the team that got it done. Does talent always dictate success? The Colts will tell you that that's not necessarily the case. Click here to read Curran's argument and see what you think. Do you agree with him? Or do you agree with the attitude of the Colts, clearly articulated by WR Reggie Wayne in Curran's article?

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