Colts Buzz: 8/9

Injury list released ... The Colts continue to hope ... The boys in blue are back!

The Colts released their list of injured players for tonight's game and at first glance it is rather startling. Twelve players will not be suiting up and hitting the field with the rest of the team due to injuries, but the picture is not as bleak as it may at first seem. Despite a dozen players missing the game the team and its coaches seem quite calm, why is that? Find out here!

DT Anthony McFarland underwent surgery on Tuesday to repair the torn patella tendon in his knee. The Colts are hanging on to hopes that he may still be able to return and play this season. Get an update on his situation as well as comments from head coach Tony Dungy in this feature!

RB Joseph Addai
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Everyone refers to the Colts' "high-powered offense" and few will dispute it is one of the best in the league. To some, the offense is just the result of good planning and smart trade and draft work, but the Colts' offense is something special. The Colts possess one of the only offenses that features first-round draft picks in six skill positions. With that much talent, it's easy to see why teams have trouble stopping them from putting points on the board. Can you name all six? Click here to find out the answer and how the Colts have ended up with such skilled players in key positions!

Are you ready for some football? Tonight the boys in blue hit the field in Dallas, Texas to take on the Cowboys. Granted, it's only preseason, so the fans will only get a brief glimpse at the 2007 starting squads, but it will provide an opportunity for fans to see more of the rookies and former backups who are stepping into starting roles this year. Preseason doesn't count towards your record, but that doesn't matter to the Colts - they say they want a victory. Check out this article to find out why!

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