Colts Buzz: 8/11

Is Marvin Harrison getting to old to still be an effective NFL receiver? ... Head Coach Tony Dungy has mixed reactions to Dallas game results ... Ed Johnson shows some promise in his NFL debut!

Despite his continued success as Indy's No. 1 receiver, people are starting to wonder "is Marvin Harrison getting too old?" While some still rank him as one of the top three wide receivers in the NFL, his stock has started to fall in the eyes of those who look at the almost 35 year-old and can't help but wonder. Is this really a valid reason to question Harrison's playing ability? Click here and decide for yourself!

Tony Dungy wanted a victory in the Colts' preseason opener. He made it very clear earlier in the week that the Colts' preseason record was something they were looking to improve. In that respect, he was sadly disappointed Thursday night, but that wasn't the only thing the coach was looking for. Coach Dungy is calling the game "a mixed bag" get his full reaction in this feature!

DT Ed Johnson
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Among the bright spots in Thursday's loss to Dallas was the play of rookie DT Ed Johnson. The rookie registered two sacks and was a frequent presence in the backfield throughout the game. What did he think of his performance in his first venture into real NFL play? Click here and find out! Also, be sure to check out ColtPower's feature on Johnson! Get to know the person behind the facemask and listen to a commentary from's Penn State expert, Mark Brennan, on Johnson's development throughout his collegiate career!

During the past off-season the NFL decided to make some upgrades to their instant replay system. While fans still debate its usefulness, it is nice to see the league working to make it as accurate and effective a system as possible. When referees go "under the hood" this season they will be watching replays on a screen six inches larger than past seasons and most notably in high definition...that is, except for in a few places like the RCA Dome. Why won't the Colts and a few other teams see this upgrade this season? Find out here!

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