Colts Buzz: 8/14

After seeing some live action against Dallas, where do the Colts go from here? ... Will Tony Ugoh start be starting at left tackle this season? ... DeDe Dorsey looks to learn from mistakes of last week ... Hayden and Jackson bring needed physicality to DB corps!

Following their loss to Dallas, the Colts are going back to basics. Fundamentals are something head coach Tony Dungy always stresses because you can't win without them. Yesterday quarterback Peyton Manning referred to it as "This is what we kind of call a 'Colts get better' week." See how the Colts are moving ahead as the regular season approaches on the horizon!

Following Tarik Glenn's retirement, the plan of having rookie Tony Ugoh be Glenn's shadow and learn from him for a full season was down the tubes. In the post-retirement speculation, many theories were formed on who would replace Glenn and most didn't think it would be the rookie, but that just may be the case. Offensive line coach Howard Mudd pointed out that the other four offensive line starters (Jeff Saturday, Ryan Lilja, Jake Scott, and Ryan Diem) all made starts their rookie seasons. Will that trade to get Ugoh in this year's draft become even more significant? Can Ugoh be ready to protect the blindside of Peyton Manning by the time the season arrives? Check it out in this feature!

DB Kelvin Hayden
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Following some impressive play last season, Kelvin Hayden has become the man to take over for Jason David. A little bigger than David, Kelvin and fellow starter Marlin Jackson are changing the look of the Colts' secondary. "Marlin and Kelvin are a little more physical," said Tony Dungy, combine that with the licks Antoine Bethea was laying Thursday night and the always intense Bob Sanders an you may be seeing a group that is a force to be reckoned with. Hayden feels he's gotten used to doing all the things receivers hate and he's ready to start. Click here and see why the Colts' secondary could have a new look this season!

DeDe Dorsey finally got some game experience against Dallas last week and he's looking to improve. While Dorsey didn't have a bad game, there was nothing that really stood out and showed people he was the one who should assist Joseph Addai with carrying the ball this season. Dorsey is learning from his mistakes and has already begun making the adjustments. See what he's doing by clicking here!

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