Colts Buzz: 8/15

Dungy appointed by the President to serve his country ... Colts are undersized at DT, but can you argue with results? ... Reggie Wayne had his best season yet last year and he's hungry for more!

The honors received by head coach Tony Dungy have been many thus far and the hits just keep on coming. Yesterday, the White House announced that President Bush intends to appoint Dungy to be a member of the President's Council on Service and Civic Participation. Dungy will serve a two-year term and is calling it "a once-in-a-lifetime type thrill." What will he be doing as a member of this council? Will this take away from his time he needs to coach? Get the full story here!

Being a backup quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts presents some challenges you won't find with most other teams. While there is the obvious issue of living in the shadow of Peyton Manning, Jim Sorgi and Josh Betts have found they need to adapt their learning style to accommodate not getting reps in practice. Experience is vital to make it in the NFL, but when your star quarterback takes all of the practice and game reps how do you get it? Click here to find out how they're working around this obstacles!

Reggie Wayne
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Last year Reggie Wayne finally made it to the Pro Bowl. The delay was never a result of a lack of talent, rather he was merely overshadowed by the Colts' record-breaking, No. 1 wide receiver Marvin Harrison. Last year Wayne finally got the call and the honor came in the wake of winning a Super Bowl...could life get any sweeter? Wayne thinks it could. He says he's hungry to continue to improve his playing and prove that last year's success was no fluke. See how Reggie's gearing up for another season in this feature!

Tony Dungy will admit that he had high expectations for his book "Quiet Strength", but he never imagined it would climb to No. 1 on the New York Times Best-Sellers List. It has remained at the top of this list (recently dropping to No. 2) for quite some time since its initial release and Dungy says "it tells you people want to read something uplifting." Bob Kravitz of the Indianapolis Star pointed out to Dungy that his book reached such amazing heights even though "there's no sex, drugs or rock 'n' roll". Click here to read Bob's full review and some humorous commentary!

Ask NFL players or fans to describe the Colts' defense and one of the first words you'll usually hear is "fast." The Colts are known for their speed, but one negative word you will probably then hear next is "undersized." DT Raheem Brock weighs in at 274 - very much undersized for a DT in the NFL - but that very defense held star rusher Larry Johnson to a mere 32 yards rushing in their postseason matchup against the Chiefs. So can you really argue with the Colts' scheme when it's capable of such results? Apparently you can, but expect the Colts' interior D-line to not believe a word of it!

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