Colts Buzz: 8/25

Starters finally get to find their rhythm ... can Ugoh step up? ... for some players tonight's game is "do or die" for others it's a chance to really play!

Tonight's preseason game will be a special one for fans. It will be the only preseason game in which the Colts' starters will see any kind of extended playing time in the preseason. The Colts' first-teams will be in for the first three quarters of tonight's game against the Lions, which has resulted in a few changes in the team's game-plan. Click here for coach Dungy's plans for tonight as well as an update on Bob Sanders, who will be splitting time with Joseph Addai at running back, and where first-round draft pick Anthony Gonzalez will be playing!

Fans aren't the only ones looking forward to the starters' extended action tonight - the starters themselves are anxious for a real chance to get to work out on the field. TE Dallas Clark says the preseason is "kind of feel like you're getting the ball rolling and they pull you out." Tonight the Colts' starters will finally have an opportunity to get some chemistry working in a real game and they're excited! Check out this feature and see how players like Dallas Clark, Peyton Manning, Jeff Saturday, and Dwight Freeney are feeling about the preseason and tonight's opportunity!

Offensive Tackle Tony Ugoh
A.J. Mast, Associated Press

As a high-profile rookie in the NFL, the pressure is on to perform in your first season. According to Sporting News' Dennis Dillon, no rookie is under more pressure than the Colts' Tony Ugoh. Despite the challenges of being thrown into starting unexpectedly, having to learn a complicated Colts offense as he works to get up to NFL-game speed, and thus far only having limited playing time with the Colts' starting O-line Tony does have some things going for him. Find out what they are and whether or not Dillon thinks Ugoh can be ready to play by the regular season by clicking here!

While tonight's game brings excitement for the starters, it also brings dread to other players who are just hoping to make the team. Tonight will mark the final opportunity for some players to prove to the Colts' coaching staff that they are worth keeping on their roster. Find out who's been impressing the staff thus far and get some speculation on at what positions cuts are likely to be seen in this feature!

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