Colts Buzz: 8/26

Colts show they're ready in their victory over Detroit ... Sorgi steps up and has a great game ... with all the success of Saturday's game is there anything to complain about?

As far as Bob Kravitz of the Indianapolis Star is concerned, it's official. After getting a glimpse of the 2007 starting teams and what they can do with some real playing time he's convinced the Colts are ready. The Colts did a lot of things right on all sides of the ball and it seems to have calmed the fears of anyone who was still concerned with the Colts' poor preseason record (even though history shows that this is quite common). Check out this feature as Bob breaks down several different aspects of the game and argues his point that the Colts are ready to play with the best!

The Colts did a lot of things very well against Detroit, but what about what they didn't do so well? The third preseason game is the most meaningful as the starters get most of the playing time, so what was there that the team needs to work on? The Tribune-Star's Todd Golden takes a look in this article at what the Colts did last night and offers his opinion on the team's performance - see if you agree with what he has to say!

Quarterback Jim Sorgi
Ronald Martinez, Getty Images

Back-up quarterback Jim Sorgi's value is a topic debated by many and still receives a wide variety of answers. Some think he's nothing special or even down-right lousy, yet others (including the Colts' coaching staff) consider him a valuable player who does a great job filling in on rare occasions for Peyton Manning. Regardless of where you stand Sorgi brought the Colts results in last night's game and even considers it one of the best games of his career. Click here for reactions to Sorgi's play as well as an update on injuries and special teams!

After basking in the joy of victory the Colts will (as usual) quickly return to reality and deal with their next looming deadline. By Tuesday evening the Colts will have to trim their roster from its current 88 players down to 75. Check out ColtPower's feature on this by clicking here and be sure to check the homepage throughout the day for an update containing speculation on who's most likely to not survive this first round of cuts!

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