Postgame Quotes: Lions

Lions head coach Rod Marinelli and his players were clearly disappointed by Saturday night's performance against the Colts. Find out what they had to say in this press conference highlights feature.


"We're disappointed. We've got to play better than that. The tackling wasn't good enough. I thought we came out and played really hard. We had opportunities and we didn't convert on third downs. Missing tackles and penalties, turnovers and ball security, we've go to do better than that. We have to defend the pass better. It's not one guy. It's not one group. It's coaching and it's players."


On play of the offense...

"I'm disappointed that we didn't play well enough to win from an offensive standpoint. You've got to be able to score more points than that."

On starting the game...

"I think every quarterback in this league prepares to go out there and start every game. I felt good about my preparation going into it. I got more reps with Jon not practicing during the week. But, honestly, not one thing changed. It's how you go into a game as a backup, you go into it thinking you're going to play every single week."


On play of offense...

"You never want to look at a game like you've taken a step back. You want to look at the good things that you do in a game. We came out moving the ball and running the ball. We keep shooting ourselves in the foot. It's the same things – penalties, turnovers. However, we don't want to think like we're going backwards at all. When we get starters back –our core guys that run our offense – I just see it as a bump in the road."


"We didn't play well. We've got to give credit to the Colts. They're a good team. Their defense is fast. The fastest team we've played in the preseason. They've got a lot to look forward to."

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