Colts Buzz: 8/27

Coach Dungy says he's still pleased with Saturday's game after taking a closer look on film ... Update on Dwight Freeney's condition ... What's the difference between this year's defense and last year's?

After a victory you usually can't help but be pleased. The real test comes when the game is examined under the microscope on film the following day. After putting Saturday's game against the Lions to that test head coach Tony Dungy says he's still happy with the team's performance. "It was a fun tape to watch," said Dungy and I think fans would agree with him. Get his full reaction to the entire game as well as each unit's performance by clicking here!

After a solid start in Saturday's game, defensive end Dwight Freeney sat out the second half due to injury. Reports say Freeney bruised his right thigh and that there's little concern coming from the Colts. Get a full update on Freeney's condition here!

Anthony Gonzalez
Nick Laham, Getty Images

The Colts' coaching staff has been happy with the improvement of rookie Anthony Gonzalez's play in each game. On Saturday, Gonzalez had a pair of receptions, but one resulted in a fumble. The reaction to the fumble was most severe from Gonzalez himself because for him, fumbling is not the norm. Gonzalez is projected to start as Indy's new slot receiver, are the fumbles likely to continue? Gonzalez's track record seems to suggest otherwise.

Thus far in the preseason the Colts' defense has put together a strong performance. The most noticeable difference has come in the team's ability to continue to stop the run - a task the defense had much difficulty with until the play-offs last year. What's making the difference this season? Click here and see what Tony Dungy says it is!

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