Colts Buzz: 8/30

For two Colts Friday's game will be their only chance to show coaches they're worth keeping ... Manning adds home to his list of endorsements ... President Bill Polian says leave the preseason the way it is ... Despite some tough games last year, Colts still projected to take the south!

Friday night's game against Cincinnati means a lot to several Colts competing for a roster spot. However, it means even more to cornerback Michael Coe and safety Brannon Condren. For these two 2007 draft picks (Condren fourth-round and Coe fifth-round) tomorrow will be the first time they see game action with the Colts and they know they have to play in such a way that it won't be their last. Groin injuries have kept each player sidelined during practices and games thus far, find out how they've been dealing with it and what tomorrow night means to them in this feature!

Yesterday Peyton Manning added to his growing list of endorsements with a place that is close to his heart - New Orleans. Manning gave a boost to the tourism industry urging people to go back and visit the parts of the city that have been rebuilt. For the Manning family New Orleans was (and still is to Peyton's parents and older brother Cooper) home. After Katrina he, and his brother Eli, sent down a plane-load of supplies to help in the relief effort. Get the full story on the current state of New Orleans and what Peyton's doing to continue to help here!

Despite the Titans rallying last year behind quarterback Vince Young and stiff competition brought by the Jaguars in both of their games against Indianapolis, the Colts are still projected to be kings of the south this season. In his article, John McClain of the Houston Chronicle took a look at the AFC South and concluded the Colts will still emerge victorious. See why he thinks this is the case by clicking here!
Peyton Manning
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The Colts will take on the Cincinnati Bengals tomorrow night in their final preseason game, but believe it or not that is not what is on the minds of some of the players and coaches. Tomorrow's game is of prime concern for some back-ups, but the starters and coaching staff are ever mindful of the fact that their first regular season game is exactly one week away. As usual football's number-one student (Peyton Manning) is already watching film and studying up on the Saints when he has the chance, but will tomorrow's game interfere with their ability to be ready for the regular season? Click here and find out how the Colts are preparing and, as usual, always looking ahead!

Indy's coaching staff will be paying close attention tomorrow night for some eye-opening performances. Key performances in the final preseason games have helped players like Raheem Brock make the team (Brock is now a starter and the senior member of the defensive tackle corps). The coaches know the pressure these players are feeling and are excited to see them in some situations this week that they've never been in before. See what kinds of answers they hope to find by clicking here!

With the final roster cut deadline looming ahead and some tough choices ahead of him, Colts President Bill Polian is using the opportunity to make a case for his opinion of the preseason. This year and in years past, some have argued that the preseason is too long and a waste of time, but Polian will tell you it is quite the opposite. Get his argument as well as comments on the decisions lying ahead of him in this feature!

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