Colts Buzz: 8/31

If you're looking for starters tonight is not your night ... Ramon Guzman focusing on special teams ... just because you survive this round of cuts, doesn't mean you're safe ... colts put aside "distractions" to focus on a new season!

If what you're looking for in tonight's game is a shootout between the arms of Peyton Manning and Carson Palmer, you will be sorely dissappointed. While the game means a lot to the teams and their back-up players, most of the starters will have the night off (last season the Colts started just one starter in their final preseason game). Find out why and get some speculation on what starters you might see for part of the game in this feature!

Ramon Guzman was one of two undrafted free agents mentioned by his head coach, Tony Dungy, earlier this week. The comment came in regards to young players with potential to make the team, during which Dungy praised Guzman for his special teams playing. Guzman says he's been focusing there because that's a good way to earn a roster spot, especially as an undrafted free agent. Is it likely his philosophy and focus will pay off? Click here and find out!
Joseph Addai
Jonathan Daniel, Getty Images

When the Colts drafted Joseph Addai in the 2006 NFL Draft, all the hype surrounding him was whether or not he could fill Edgerrin James' shoes. Addai then went on to be the only rookie to rush for over 1,000 yards that season and was rewarded by the Colts by being named the starting running back for the play-offs. With a Super Bowl victory already under his belt in just one year, how is he feeling about next season? Click here and see how he's feeling entering into a new season and possibly a slightly different role!

Saturday's deadline for cutting the roster to 53 players is the latest thing causing some players to lose sleep. Once that day comes and goes a heavy weight will be lifted from the chests of those who make the team and they can relax. However the NFL is a brutal place and continues to live up to its reputation. If a player makes the 53-man roster doesn't that mean he's safe? Not necessarily.

Last year, the Colts became the world champions and enjoyed an, albeit short, but lavish off-season. Trips to Disney World, meeting the President, writing books, vacations in the Bahamas, life was pretty sweet. But now it's time to hit the gridiron again and all of those things must become a part of the past. Tony Dungy has been in this situation before and this is the way he likes it, no more celebrating, no flashy reminders of last season, and complete focus on the fact that they're a new team entering a new season. What is the team doing to help ensure their focus is where it should be? Find out by clicking here!

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