Colts Buzz: 9/4

Reggie Wayne is pumped and ready to take on his hometown's team ... Colts hope to get off to a fast start this season... QB/Head Coach combo is key for team success!

It's time. This Thursday will mark the beginning of the 2007 regular season and people are excited. Reggie Wayne has been at the forefront, getting people psyched up because that's exactly what he is. His face has been appearing on billboards around Indianapolis and he says "It should get you hyped up and ready to play." Wayne grew up in New Orleans a Saints fan and says it's going to be a big game for him. Find out just how pumped Reggie is about the Colts' first game and the start of the 2007 season in general by clicking here!

When Reggie lines up at the line of scrimmage Thursday night, he's going to look up and see a very familiar face. Former teammate Jason David has the assignment of defending Wayne in this week's match-up just like he used to in practice while with the Colts. With experience covering Wayne already and a knowledge of how the Colts' wide receivers play will the Saints' defense have an edge on Thursday? Find out the answer to that question and more news in this feature!
Tony Dungy and Peyton Manning
Scott Halleran, Getty Images

Kevin Hench of will tell you "the two hardest positions to fill in the NFL are quarterback and head coach." He points out that it's teams that have incredibly skilled individuals at these two spots that have the most success (namely the Colts and the Patriots). What is it about the duos of Peyton Manning and Tony Dungy and Tom Brady and Bill Belichick that makes them work so well and has brought so much success to each of their teams? Click here and see for yourself!

Thursday's game is expected to be the "must see" TV event of the night. Two high-powered teams going head to head, preceded by a pregame show boasting such talent as Faith Hill and John Mellencamp, and a Super Bowl banner presentation. There will be a lot of hype, a lot of cameras, and a lot of distractions. One key point for both the Saints and the Colts will be to not let those distractions do exactly what their capable of and take a player's head out of the game. The Colts thrive on focus and a vision of purpose, will Thursday's festivities be too much? See what they think by clicking here!

The Indianapolis Colts are fast. It's a statement you hear in reference to the speed the Colts have on defense, the way they run the no-huddle on offense, and how they function in general. So in true form the Colts will be looking to jump right out of the gate Thursday against the Saints and take off running. How is it that they're able to get off to such quick starts year after year? Find out in this feature!

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