Colts Buzz: 9/5

The Colts' rookies are set to take the field for the first time in a real NFL game ... Could Jason David give the Saints an edge? ... Colts' schedule will challenge them, but shouldn't stop them!

The time has come. Colts rookies such as Anthony Gonzalez, Ed Johnson, and Tony Ugoh are preparing to step out onto the field in their first real NFL game. Johnson says "this is what you dream about growing up" and excitement levels will undoubtedly be running high, but are these rookies ready? Click here and find out!

Jason David has had many questions thrown his way by an eager Saints secondary this week. They want to know the codes, the Colts' offensive secrets, and what Peyton Manning is always doing back there. David cautioned them to not get lulled to sleep because of the explosiveness of the Colts' offense, but what else did he share with them? Find out in this feature!
Kelvin Hayden
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When it comes to the 2007 Colts defense, the phrase "so far so good" comes to mind. The defense has put up impressive numbers in comparison to last season (especially against the run), but the real playing is about to begin. The progress seen has been encouraging, but in the preseason you never get everything a team is capable of thrown at you. One exciting change is that the defense has their swagger back. Confidence can be felt in the locker room and defensive huddle and it has fans and players alike excited. Get a taste of that confidence and a look at what the defense has done thus far by clicking here!

One look at the Colts' schedule and it becomes apparent that they're not going to be able to skip their way back to the Super Bowl. It's difficult to find any string of games where you could say the team should easily go on a long winning streak. Todd Golden of The Tribune-Star took a look and concluded that it's going to be tough, but that doesn't mean the Colts can't do it. Check out Todd's breakdown of the season, his week by week predictions, and how the Colts will find themselves back in the Super Bowl this year in this feature!

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