Colts Buzz: 9/6

Freddy Keiaho is pumped and ready to go ... Dungy always ready to seize an opportunity ... Colts will take in experience, but are focused on the kick-off ... is tonight's game a preview of this year's Super Bowl?

Freddy Keiaho is new to being the center of attention, but in the last few days that's exactly what he's been. Everyone's wondering if he can actually fill the shoes of Cato June and based on his comical responses it seems he's feeling pretty good. Keiaho looked great in the preseason, click here and get the full scoop on how he's doing before his first regular season defensive start in the NFL!

Tonight's game features two of the most high-powered offenses in the NFL. The Colts are the defending Super Bowl champions and the Saints surprised fans with their level of play last year, making it to the NFC Championship game. People are speculating that this game could be a preview of this year's Super Bowl. If that's the case it would be the first time two teams played one another in the first game of the season and the Super Bowl. Do you agree with those making this prediction? Check out this feature and decide!
Raheem Brock
Michael Conroy, Getty Images

Tonight's prime-time spectacle promises to be more than just a game - it's going to be an experience. Musical acts and ceremonies will highlight the evening, all leading up to the Indianapolis Colts and the New Orleans Saints opening up the 2007 regular season. For the Colts however, the focus is on taking the field to begin a new season. "Everybody else is excited about the banner...we're focused on the next one" says defensive tackle Raheem Brock and his whole team stands behind him in that statement. Click here for quotes from coaches and players about tonight's game and what it means for them!

Tony Dungy has come to be admired by many both inside and outside the football world. He unashamedly preaches good ethics and strong faith, giving credit for all of his success to God and now finds himself more in the spotlight than ever. He embraces the opportunity using every chance he gets to teach and lead by example. He never misses an opportunity, and that's the way he plans to keep it!

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