Colts Buzz: 9/7

Joseph Addai steals the show from Reggie Bush ... Keiaho said he was ready and proved it ... defense came up big against high-powered offense ... despite new faces the Colts pick up right where they left off!

Everyone said last night's game was going to be a battle of golden arms between Peyton Manning and Drew Brees. The press raved that Reggie Bush would be a major threat for a Colts run defense that gave up more rushing yards than any other team in the regular season last year. They all forgot about Joseph Addai. Rather than number 25 flying around the field it was 29 that had his way with the opposing defense. Addai ended up posting almost double the yards Reggie Bush managed to fight for. Click here and see how Addai stole the show last night!

Last night the Colts defense made their case to the critics. With the pressure on to perform against last year's No. 1 offense, the Colts defense showed they were a new monster and teams had better be ready. They hit hard, flew to the ball, and made tackles in the open field holding the Saints offense to 293 yards and one field goal. See how they shut the Saints down by clicking here!

Luke Lawton and Roy Hall
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With several new faces getting their first NFL start last night nerves were to be expected. The question was, just how much it would affect the Colts' play? Well if there were nerves last night no one watching the game would have known. The Colts came right out in the form they finished in last season and trampled the Saints. After fighting through the first half, the Colts lit up the scoreboard in the second half. Get the full run-down here!

Yesterday we featured an article on how Freddy Keiaho was feeling leading up to his first NFL start. He and his teammates seemed to think he was ready and last night, Keiaho proved it to the whole country. Keiaho was a presence all over the field posting six tackles, including some great open-field tackles and at one point teamed up with safety Antoine Bethea to lay a hit that sent Saints tight end Eric Johnson back to the third grade. He accomplished all of this despite a major hindrance that affected his play. What was it? Find out in this feature!

Reggie Wayne was less than thrilled by the end of the first half of last night's game. Losing the ball to Jason David and David returning it 55 yards was not exactly on his list of stuff to do, but Wayne swore he'd bounce back and did he ever. Click here and see how Reggie turned it around in the second half!

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