Saints Postgame Quotes

Find out more about the coverages the Saints used against the Colts Thursday night from New Orleans head coach Sean Payton. And get inside the Saints' locker room to find out what players like Jason David, Deuce McAlister, Jeff Faine and Mike McKenzie had to say after the game.


"It was a game at halftime where I thought we did a number of things right defensively. We struggled to generate the points in the offense we wanted early in this game, and then it carried over into the second half. But I thought the type of game played in the first half was conducive to us being successful. We made some plays in the kicking game, and then it got away from us in the second half. (The Colts) did a good job; they had some big plays, obviously, in the passing game, and it got away from us. It's a tough loss. That's disappointing, and it's disappointing in the way it finished."

On defensive coverages on Colts' scoring plays...

"We were in a handful of coverages. We had some drop-down safety looks, and we had a zone pressure on one play. It wasn't just one coverage. At one point it was a quarters coverage, and then a zone pressure and then a drop-down safety look. So, those are things we'll get corrected. We've got to do a better job as coaches, and, fortunately, we have a long week here as we get ready to play a division team next week."

On his disappointment on how the game finished...

"I thought at halftime, you know, on the road with everything that had gone on, it was a nip and tuck possession game in the first half. We had some opportunities in the second quarter that we didn't convert on. What was frustrating was our inability in the second half to convert some third downs and keep the drive moving. I thought our defense needed a break, too, and in the second half that was something that was frustrating. We had some miscues, but credit Indianapolis. They did a good job flying around and pursuing the football really well."

On the Saints' lack of offense...

"Obviously you want to score points. We had a big play early by the defense that gave us a touchdown, so disappointed is more the word. We've got to ready for next week and put the right plan in place, all of us collectively, including myself."

Reggie Wayne hauls in a catch against Jason David
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"They (the Colts) had a great game plan. They'd just go up top when they got a chance. They did a good job of getting open and making the catch."

On his struggles during the game...

"A lot of my problem is just looking in the backfield. Whenever you've got your eyes in the backfield you're always going to miss the receiver. And it showed up tonight. I feel really bad, but it's Week 1 and I just have to keep getting better. I was brought in to make plays and I just need to learn the schemes and get better."


On the Colts defense...

"They played us pretty well. The thing is that they really improved tremendously as they rolled into that postseason and they picked up where they left off. We didn't get into a rhythm too well either. Normally I feel we get into a pretty good rhythm when we're running the ball well. They were able to take us out of our rhythm and that's something that kind of hurt us tonight. They were able to make plays."


On the Colts offense...

"They're a very explosive team and we have to tip our hats off to them. We knew coming into the game that we had to avoid giving up the big plays, and time and time again we gave up the big plays, so we're definitely going to evaluate everything and come back next week ready to roll. We collectively got our (butts) kicked today."


On the Colts...

"Early on we didn't do a good job of keeping them off balance. Going into the game we knew that one thing we couldn't do is get into third-and-long situations. We knew if they could get up the field and rush the passer we'd be in trouble. We had some success, but we knew when we got down 14 to 21 points that we had to score points as soon as possible. The defense did a great job of getting stops for us, but we couldn't sustain enough drives. They did a good job of stopping and containing us."

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