Colts Buzz: 9/8

The Colts are full of surprises thus far this season ... Indy being cautious after first win ... defense says they're happy, but not satisfied!

The Colts looked like their old selves in their season opener, but they also threw out a couple surprises. New players performing above expectations and a few trick plays were some of what may have thrown fans (and the Saints) for a loop on Thursday night. The defense's hitting power also raised a few eyebrows and probably had some spectators cringing. Click here to see what the Colts have to say about these changes!

The Colts defense surprised a lot of people with their ability to shut down one of the league's top offenses on Thursday night. There were lots of reasons to celebrate and there was a little time for it, but the players and coaches will tell you there is still more they can do better. "We'll just go in there and watch film and see where we made mistakes," said defensive tackle Raheem Brock in reference to the Colts' continuing effort to strive for excellence. See how they felt about the game and what they think they can do better by clicking here!

Tony Dungy
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Following their night of celebration the Colts moved on in their normal fashion. Middle linebacker Rob Morris said, "there's 15 more, so let's not get too excited," and that's exactly the point head coach Tony Dungy has stressed to his team - it was only one night. It was this attitude of always looking forward that helped drive the Colts to their Super Bowl victory last year and they've pushed on to this season with that same mentality. Get some of their comments on the game in this feature!

For more postgame quotes check out ColtPower's lead story. In there you'll find quotes from Tony Dungy, Joseph Addai, Rob Morris, and more! Get a real feel for what they thought about the team's performance against the Saints by clicking here!

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