Colts Buzz: 9/10

The Colts are back at work today, preparing for their first division game against the Tennessee Titans ... big plays are a key to victory ... NFL powerhouses all start off strong!

With the season opener behind them, the Colts are back to work today preparing for the Tennessee Titans. Last year the Colts and Titans split their series 1-1 (each team winning at home), head coach Tony Dungy says winning in the division has to be your first goal, especially the road games. What do the Colts need to do to emerge victorious? Click here for some keys to success for the Colts this week!

Indianapolis, New England, and San Diego - these are the three teams most people are expecting to fight it out for a trip to Super Bowl XLII. All three teams claimed victory in week one over some challenging opponents and showed there's a reason everyone is talking about them. Writer and editor Vinnie Iyer takes a look at these three teams and examines what each one brings to the table in his feature at!

Joseph Addai takes a handoff from Peyton Manning
Jonathan Daniel/Getty

Peyton Manning has revolutionized the quarterback position, that much is quite clear. But Manning is still only one man and, despite valiant attempts, one man cannot carry an entire offense. Manning owes a lot of his success to a powerful rushing attack that has to be respected by opposing defenses. Joseph Addai consistently provides Manning with options both in the rushing and passing games whether he's running, blocking, or catching and has shown he's willing to bear whatever load necessary to help his team win. How does this open up the game for Peyton? Find out by clicking here!

One common description of Indy's offense is "explosive". The Colts have the highly-coveted ability to find the weakness in a single play and make you pay for it. It has been this big-play capability that has allowed the Colts to control the momentum of a game, as well as come from behind from seemingly impossible circumstances (i.e. the magical two minutes and seventeen second comeback in last year's AFC Championship that took the Colts to the Super Bowl). Click here and see why this is a key characteristic and what impact it's already had this season!

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